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Jasper Jaison

Hi guys this is my first post in moviepilot.. And forgive me for this bad English...

Ok.. Lets get to the topic.. How batman can easily make superman bleed???.. The answer is simple... Kryponite..

Well synder supes looks weak in my view.. How much kryptonite can use to make this synder superman bleed???

Remember this scene in MOS ???

When clark dicovers scout ship,Looks closely to the right hand of henry cavil.. Yes it is bleeding...

In that case a single kryptonian made metal is enough to make superman bleed...

We all know Lex is ultimately Rich ... We can see than from Man of steel..

Lex lex everywhere...


In the last fight scene in MOS..

When supes and zod fight to a top of under construction build

Yea its belongs to lex, u can see there.. In the same time Zod disarmed his armour in that building .

Its free kryptonite material for Lex..

From the top We can say a Single krypton material is enough to make supes bleed.. While lex got free kryptonite..

Somehow batman also got kryptonite, we can say that from the trailer..

Lex and Batman can easily take the flesh from super...


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