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I don't think too many people could name a lot of movies that got them into dinosaurs before this 1993 Spielberg emerged.

With the best selling novel by Michael Crichton detailing the idea of resurrecting dinosaurs using genetic engineering, Spielberg arguably produced one of the best movies of his life. But when you have a project directed by a man that gave us Jaws & ET, it's no surprise that this was regarded as one of the most breakthrough movies in special and visual effects. Oddly enough; it was this flick that inspired George Lucas to make his Star Wars Prequels. Take that as you will.

I think the most rewarding aspect in regards to the dinosaurs is that Spielberg gets the audience to see them as animals and not monsters as people had depicted them before. There was a feel of authenticity with the way that the dinosaurs came across as real and behaving like real animals. That I can only presume is just down to what Paeleontologists have observed with living animals today and just make the necessary calculations to how the dinosaurs would move and behave.

That in turn was down to the visionaries at the Stan Winston Studio (now Legacy Studio) and ILM to produce the models and visual effects, respectively.

The story has held up well in the 22 years since this flick debuted and it deals with the consequences of when man fools around with mother nature and how Genetic Egineering is a powerful tool that should be used responsibly.

But since when has man be completely responsible with nature and technology?

The cast turn in a great performance with Richard Attenborough as the Park's creator and heart, John Hammond; a man that really wanted to give attendants something, grand, special and real and devoid of merrit. Jeff Goldblum is just a treat to watch as the cynical Dr. Ian Malcom that says it's a real bad idea to bring dinosaurs back to life through the intervention of man. Laura Dern as the insightful Dr. Ellie Settler whom is the love interest of Sam Neil's Dr. Alan Grant, a Paeleontologist who is invited to Jurassic Park to give the Park it's approval so that the insurance backers will retract pressure from Hammond to shut the Park down after an accident where one it's workers was killed by a Velociraptor.

The most memorable moments from this first installment is seeing the Brachiosaurs which is still considered one of the most magical reveals in cinematic history, to the reveal of the Tyrannosaurus Rex during the power-out and escaping it's Paddock. She is a beautiful yet dangerous addition to the movie, whom let's face it is the real star of the movie.

Along with an iconic score from the legend that is John Williams and you have a movie that is treasured by fans then, and fans now who weren't even born then.

65 millions in the year in the making; and it was worth the wait.


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