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Proving once again that he has an intimate grasp of what it means to be Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds spoke recently about why he thinks the merc with the mouth wouldn't fear competition from the big hitters in the 20th Century Fox/Marvel/DC cinematic universes:

"Deadpool’s greatest superpower is annoying the shit out of people. So I imagine that he would spark a heavy wave of ire from any one of those groups."

Yep. Despite his numerous team ups with the likes of the Avengers and X-Men in the comics Deadpool has always excelled at irritating everyone around him, it's a central facet of his character.

It's also a big reason why he jumps around from place to place, group to group without being fully accepted. (Well, that and the fact that he's a mercenary.) Though he did recently get made a member of The Avengers in the comics, so there's that (don't bet on seeing him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon though).

Signed by Obama and everything
Signed by Obama and everything

The success of the upcoming Deadpool movie will hinge primarily on the titular character, in both Reynold's portrayal and the writers characterisation of him. But that doesn't mean our supporting characters aren't important too! I've previously written about the two X-Men we'll be seeing in Deadpool, but who else is there?

Copycat / Vanessa Carlysle

Copycat (Vanessa Carlysle) has been around since the early 90s, coming into being in the same issue of The New Mutants that Deadpool did.

As you may be able to tell from her name, Copycat is a mutant with shape-shifting abilities. Like X-Men/Brotherhood of Mutants member Mystique she has blue skin as a result of her mutation. She's noted to be a very skilled metamorph, to the point that she can imitate another being down to a cellular level. As a result she can replicate other mutants powers by touching them, which makes it easier for her to disguise herself as one of them. She's also shown herself able to turn into animals, which is pretty neat.

Copycat first met Wade Wilson when she was working as a prostitute in Boston, striking up a relationship and subsequently falling in love with him. However, Wade broke up with her once he discovered his terminal cancer, leaving her heartbroken. Following this she ended up becoming a mercenary working for Tolliver (Genesis) just like Deadpool.

She was sent to infiltrate superhero group X-Force and kill their leader, Cable, in the guise of their member Domino but instead grew fond of the team and refused to carry out her mission. Deadpool was sent to clean up. He blew up the X-Force base and later was sent after her, accidentally killing a friend of hers who he mistook for her (shapeshifting can make things tricky). She was mortally wounded by Sabertooth years later and died in Deadpool's arms, confessing her undying love for him. Aww.

Morena Baccarin & Ryan Reynolds as Vanessa & Wade
Morena Baccarin & Ryan Reynolds as Vanessa & Wade

Copycat will appear in Deadpool as Wade's girlfriend Vanessa, portrayed by Morena Baccarin of Firefly and Stargate SG-1 fame. We only see her in the trailer with Wade before he undertakes the Weapon X programme, so how their relationship will develop (or end) with his transformation into Deadpool remains to be seen. She also appears pretty normal and un-mutated in the trailers, so I guess we'll have to wait and see how things pan out for her in the film...

Angel Dust / Christine

A member of the Chicago branch of underground mutant group the Morlocks, Angel Dust (Christine) is a pretty minor character in the comics.

Her mutant power is super-human strength which she controls by elevating her adrenaline levels. Her speed, agility and stamina were also enhanced whilst using this ability, though she could only use it for a short time before tiring out. She was prone to berserking and, based on her adrenaline levels, could lift up to 25 tons (that's 50,000 lb) so you really don't want to mess with her.

Angel Dust ran away from home as a teenager when her abilities emerged, fearing that her parents would reject her for her mutation. She joined up with the Morlocks as she thought they were the only ones who would accept her.

Despite her berserker rages, Angel Dust in the comics is a generally sympathetic character, she fights with the police on a few occasions but only when attacked or provoked.

Gina Carano will portray Angel Dust in Deadpool
Gina Carano will portray Angel Dust in Deadpool

She eventually returned to her parents and was shocked when they accepted her mutation, but had to flee when she was pursued by the mutant-killing Sentinels. After she and the Morlocks destroy the Sentinels Angel Dust decides to return to live with her parents instead of escaping the city with the rest of the surviving members of the group. She is later shown to have lost her powers following the M-Day/Decimation event when Scarlet Witch strips the majority of the mutant population of their powers.

Gina Carano, professional Muay Thai and MMA fighter, will portray Angel Dust in Deadpool. She's seemingly going to be more villainous this time around though as she appears as an agent of Ajax - the central antagonist - in the trailer, the "less angry Rosie O'Donnell" as Wade describes her.

Deadpool is due to be released in the UK February 5th 2016, and February 12th in the USA.


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