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Okay now we cannot predict exactly when or if Hal will show up in this new season but we have definitely seen a brilliant little teaser with the name tag Jordan.

During Ollie's meeting with the infamous and rather crazy Amanda Waller we see a military outfit with the tag Jordan. Now Hal is a military man and before he was flying as a green lantern he was a pilot flying for the military. Could it be that Hal will play a part in Oliver's past as we see in this amazing flashback or will he show up sometime in current day

Now to all those who are a little confused at how Hal would play a role in such a normal city as Starling. First off we have Damien Darhk now who isn't a meta human like we're so used to seeing around in within Starling ( However more common in the Flash ) and in Central city , Darhk has some pretty badass abilities but the explosion at Star labs had nothing to do with it.
Darhk was a former member of the League of Assassins ( which is never ever a good sign ) and he stole waters of Lazarus when he fled the League, his powers are more mystic and more magic orientated and seem to cause him to have a wide array of mind blowing tricks and immense strength.

But back to Hal Jordan. Now that we have Darhk around who isn't a meta but has some cool plot boosts to offer Hal wouldn't be a long shot and his role would probably be very minor. Yes yes we all love us some green lantern when and if it's done properly. ( *Cough cough* Not the Green lantern movie ) but Hal is a green lantern and his dedication isn't to Starling , it's to the entire planet, this means if he does show up he may just help Team Arrow out as a sort of ally who shows up when they just can't do it on their own and this is quite the rare occurrence.

If we see Hal has a place in Olivers past this may just add to what he said in this amazing premiere gone by. That he has seen things beyond the norm and beyond meta humans. Perhaps he meant mystical and the alien because Hal may be human but he has powers of Alien origin. Another possibility is we may see Hal at the beginning of his years as a Lantern which would make for a few fun Green lantern moments.

But what matters is what the fans think. What do you think his role may be if Hal does show up either in the past or the present on this new season ?


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