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MJ Knight

For so many years the car movie genre has been dominated by the Fast & the furious series and it's been consistent in asserting it's dominance over that genre.

But finally in 2014, Need for Speed was released from DreamWorks Pictures focusing on a group of friends who are mechanics and street racers with the job of completing the last ever Ford Mustang that Carol Shelby was working on.

The movie is based very loosely on the game series and makes it's own story with it's characters with a similar story to having a man gain revenge and redemeption for an action that was not his doing and aims to do so by winning the De Leon race set up by Doc, played by charismatic veteran actor Michael Keaton (the best Batman actor for those keeping score).

The cast turn in a very memorable performance with Aaron Paul really shining as the lead protagonist whom you really get behind when you understand his story and motive for using the Mustang, which is pretty much the hero car for the majority of the movie and it was nice to see the first movie appearance of the 2015 Ford Mustang.

Now, all I have to ask is; when is the sequel?


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