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Welcome to our homepage! We are Eugene and Anna and we make stained glass pictures
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Stained glass pictures "Terminator T-800". It is made of qualitative opal glass. Quantity of details - 500 pieces. The size - 1,2 x 0,8 m

The unique pattern of the glass based on the movie "Terminator". Made in the Tiffany technique of quality American glass. In the manufacture of paintings it took 2 months, including the establishment of design patterns and a selection of palettes. The picture is made up of 500 parts and colors has 15 names.

If necessary, will be installed metal frame and LED lights that will enhance the depth and expressiveness of painting, emphasize the nature and the brutality of the Terminator.

The picture will be a good addition and will become an integral part of the decor living room, study or office and will attract the attention of absolutely everyone.

Terms of Use:

1) Do not, under any circumstances, to show the children, even if they are very asking !!!

2) If you want it to hang in the bedroom, then in any case do not leave illumination at night. Wet sheets provided !!!

3) Though he is fighting a killing machine, but do not recommend dropping !!

4) Do not use as a weapon and a means of intimidation (only if you entered a house burglars or other "liquid" evil ..

5) Can be used as a substitute for a portrait of the governor of California ..


Unpretentious. It does not require food and affection) can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Do not push press! :)

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