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Welcome to our homepage! We are Eugene and Anna and we make stained glass pictures
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Stained glass picture "Batman - The Dark Knight"

The unique stained glass Batman was executed by Russian artistic duo the "Art Brothers," Eugene Koksharov and Anna Dobrunova.

An incredibly complex piece, 'The Dark Knight' is composed of 653 pieces and 16 different colors. The stained glass window uses thin slates with a nuanced technique. With quality materials and the accuracy of assembly, the piece will gain sufficient rigidity to become a full-fledged picture. Therefore during production we only use qualitative materials (the American Spectrum glass translucent/deaf, a copper foil called MasterFoil), and the professional equipment allowing us to make a details accurately and precisely from the sketch.

Production of a picture some months, owing to a large number of elements left (namely: 653 pieces). This stained-glass piece fall into the category of "especially difficult".

Size - 1000 x 1330 mm (39.37 x 52.36 inches)

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