ByTristan Durney Roddy, writer at

So there are many,many,many theories floating around the internet. Some say that this is Green Lanterns introduction and he will appear in the show and get his own spin off,well I'm here to say i think that's incorrect. I think this is a hoax to get fans hopes up and crush our dreams in my own opinion this is a simple Easter egg (I do think he will be in the far future introduced) In the episode Amanda Waller seeks out Oliver once again and catch up in a small bar where a man in a pilots jacket walks past with the badge 'Jordan' of course we don't see his face this is why i think it is a little bit of a throw off because he hasn't been cast yet and he isn't in the script now this is only a theorie so bare with me. We have zero confirmation of the Emerald Knight joining the show sure he could show up after the Dark Knight in the very far future. Thanks for reading.


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