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2001was the last time the audience saw a Jurassic Park flick with the less than impressive outting of the 3rd Installment. I will concede that Sam Neil made it salvagable with his return as Dr. Alan Grant. But when the producers go out of their way to rob the T-Rex of his man-card not even half way through the movie.

I enjoyed the evolution of the Velociraptors with their vocalised communication and that they were sporting feathers. The Spinosaur being a super predator was a good contrast in that it dwarfed the T-Rex, but it's the T-Rex. You don't do that.

Fast-forward to 2015 where it's a direct sequel to the first movie with Simon Morani taking over John Hammond's Park at his dying request and actually making the dinosaur theme park become a reality. It would have been cool if Jurassic Park could have become a reality but the powers that be deemed it better rename it Jurassic World.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are what make this picture work with their conflicting personalities on how Owen Brady (Pratt) sees the animals as living creatures and not numbers on a spreadsheet, which is how Claire Dearing (Howard) does because she sees the Park and it's assetts as a business and so should be treated as such.

The movie does seem to bother a few plotlines from the original with Claire being like Alan Grant and being resistant to the idea of having children, Owen being like Grant & Ian Malcom and question some of the aspects of the Park and we see a similar outcome when a dinosaurs runs amock when it escapes it's enclosure like the T-Rex & Raptors did from the first flick.

The Indominous Rex (which translates to Fierce & Untameable King) is in similar respects to the Spinosaur from the 3rd movie as an intended idea to replace the T-Rex by being bigger, more powerful and deadly.

Deadly in a lot of respects because it can actually camoflage itself as a means of cloaking and having an advantage over it's prey. While, the science is intrigued of doing cross-genetics it's basically making the I-Rex a Garry-stu (Or Mary-su considering it's female).

The cast do turn in a good performance as you understand Owen's point of view, and to some degree, Claire's. I found the kids to be irritating. well, not Gray. He reminded of Tim from the first movie actually excited to be at the Park except for his elder brother Zack who was more interested in chasing tail.

That was a problem I had with this flick in particular; they took the focus off the dinosaurs and placed it more on the relationships of the characters, which is fine and all but I watch a Jurassic Park movie for dinosaurs. If I want Drama I'll watch Jerry Springer. Other than that the story is fine.

The cinematography is very decent and there's hardly any shaking cam of which audiences in recent years had grown jaded and tired of the less than steady visuals from other movies (I'm looking in your direction, Michael Bay).

I'm glad that the Rex was brought back to prominence with the I-Rex fight of which she had her tail kicked until the remaining Raptor, Blue came into assist after having her sisters wiped out.

This movie got it right. I just hope we don't wait another 14 years for the next sequel


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