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Usually when a season starts we can see a path of where stories are heading. With Grey's Anatomy I was filled with a lot of curiosity for this 12th season. Why?

Well, let's recap. Things have changed since last season, and things have changed a lot in a year in the lives of these people. Meredith grieved the loss of her husband, she mourned and recovered, and I think I am starting to do the same, because seeing Meredith thrive makes me realize she is the reason why I watch this show.

Let's go back to the actual plot of this episode, and by the end you will understand.

This was a hard storyline, they always are when they are about babies, babies are so helpless, and loved and desired by the parents in this show, that watching them in peril really makes me cringe. But this is why we watch Grey's Anatomy, for the drama.

It was Karev's turn to step into the spotlight, and it all starts when Arizona's patient delivers twins, a baby girl and a baby boy, both born already sick with a tumor on their liver. Both have only hours to live unless Karev's team finds a way to save them both. Thankfully, one of the parents is a viable match for donation, but this sadly means the doctors can only save one baby.

The parents enter in crisis and start yelling at each other, but Karev's shuts them up saying that is not a decision they should have to make, no parent should have to face "Sophie's choice", so he will be the one making the call. Because he is an awesome doctor (Who by the way has grown a lot from the tempered, angry and tactless intern that we meet in season one) he does everything by the book. He tests, and re-tests, and measures and examines until he finds that the babie's odds are extremely similar; in other words. It is an impossible decision. He doesn't want to make this decision anymore and tries to go looking for the new chief of medicine, Dr. Miranda Bailey. However, Arizona stops him before he makes a mistake, because she says that he already knows the answer, then she further reassures him that he has to make this choice or he won't be able to be the doctor he decides to be, the one that is getting paid the big bucks to make the tough calls.

Remember that. Is important.

Alex makes the decision, and baby Emma is the one that will get the liver. But, because he is a wonderful human being, Alex decides he has to try and save the baby boy, Daniel. He tries resecting the tumor, but the baby is too small, too week and won't survive the procedure, so instead of letting him die on the table. He closes the baby, disconnects him from his tubes, and holds him close, Alex holds Daniel until the baby flatlines. This made me cry my eyes out.

It's almost the end of that storyline, but while Alex was fighting to decide which twin to save, there's was something Jo was hidding. Although it looked like she could be pregnant, she wasn't. She discovered that Alex could already have babies. Izzie babies!

I'm not sure why it took her so long to find out about this, but Jo discovered the form where Alex agreed to fertilize Izzie's eggs in case she would be rendered unable to concieve after fighting her cancer (back in season 5 remember, when she married Alex, and George was alive, and Derek and Meredith were "engaged" and then married via a post-it! Oh the days). So, Jo asked Alex if he wanted to have babies with Izzie, because she felt she didn't wanted to have babies with her and she wanted to know where was their relationship heading and if she was only the "getting a dog girl" and not "having babies girl".

I have to remind you all, even the writters, that this would've been a good moment for Alex to retor with the fact that he proposed to Jo after his father died, during the wedding that ended in elopment for April and Jackson (I'll get to those two in a moment!). And back then, Jo said no. She said they were not ready for marriage, so I think she should know better that this man does love her, but thankfully that didn't ended in more tragedy because Alex know his girl.

He came back to their crappy appartment where he told her that he loves her, and does want to make babies with her if she wants too, and that he'll be there for her. She was scared because she has been abandoned before, and that marks you. It makes you think you are not enought and someone will always leave you, just like Meredith used to think so, before Derek was there for her, until he wasn't.

And this brings us back to Meredith. She is now Chief of General Surgery in Grey-Sloan memorial, and her contract states it, but her pay does not reflect this. The Chief (because let's face it, Dr. Webber will always be the Chief) overhears her while discussing this with Callie and then goes to confront Bailey about giving Meredith less money for her new role, but Bailey tells the Chief she is not going o give away money she is not asked for. So Meredith needed to go back and ask for more money. She tought about it while everyone reassured her that she was worth the big bucks and when she finally came to believe it, she went. Meredith asked for a raise! And that was exactly what Bailey wanted!

Bailey told the chief that Meredith needed to find the strenght to fight for herself because since Derek was gone the Chief had been protecting her, and he couldn't be protecting her forever. Next time she falls, he might not be there. In conclusion, we might never be alone because once we open the door, there will always be people in our lives, but we need to learn how to fight our own battles.

Finally, to conclude the episode I have two more details to add. April is insisting on saving the marriage she distanced heself from and this forces Jackson to move out and crash at Ben and Bailey's house. And Maggie finds herself thinking she left a whole life behind to go find the mother that put her up for adoption, and now that she is an alien in planet Grey-Sloan memorial she is stressed and she needs to find a way to relax, that way is intern Dr. De Luca.

Next episode will be a bit more comedical now that these two have had a little hookup!


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