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The video streaming media, after announcing that it will be launching in Italy soon, further stated that it will also be producing a new show just for the Italian audience.

The video streaming giant, Netflix, Inc. announced the dates of its launch in the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish market, earlier on October 3, 2015. Along with this, there is great news for the Italian customers; the video streaming company will be launching its first Italian original show by the name of “Suburra”. The company did so before launching in the market, as it wanted to grab the attention of its native subscribers.

The new “dark, gripping” crime series is expected to be on Netflix, Inc. by the year 2017 all across the world. An independent producer who has initially produced a number of popular shows, which include Gomorrah and Romanzo Criminale, will produce Suburra. The former show he produced in collaboration with RAI, an Italian public service broadcaster. This will be the streaming media company’s first time producing an Italian show.

The Vice President of the video streaming media, Erik Barmack, stated in the press release that this new production is a captivating story for the new audience and that the media company is thrilled to collaborate up with RAI and the famous and one of the best film producers, Cattleya. They are further enthralled to not only provide the Italian audience with famous films but also series that will be among the best on the television.

The new series is a roller coaster ride, which involves corruption, drugs, prostitution, money laundering, and mafia; it is following the line of shows like Gomorrah. The show will premier everywhere on Netflix and RAI is expected to launch it on the video streaming provider in Italy right after its debut. Previously, Netflix has produced original content for other European countries, which include Mareille and France. This is the first time it has moved into the Italian market; for the new audience this is definitely an offer they can’t refuse.

The video streaming service will be launched in Italy on October 22, 2015, which will be right after it launches its service in Portugal, according to its announcement made on October 3, 2015. Suburra will likely become a part of Netflix’s expansion spree in original content programming. With the help of these new productions by the company, it has been able to retain its customer database of 65 million users.

Netflix stock has gone up 5.79% and has been trading at a share price of $112.24. The rise in the stock price happened right after the company announced it plans for the Italian market. In September, the stock of the media company fell 10.2%.


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