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Like Disney with [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158), Sony and MGM have done a beautiful job of keeping the finer details of Spectre's plot under wraps, releasing three trailers which hint at the film's story arc and tease the vast array of locations used without actually telling us very much at all. And in an era when some films are completely spoiled before you've stepped foot in the cinema (thank God I'm not a Terminator fan), that level of secrecy is a very good thing.

At the weekend the final trailer for Spectre crashed into view, and although most of the dots remain firmly unjoined, the one-minute clip did a fantastic job of even further ramping up the hype (which already seems beyond even what Skyfall had at this point before its release) whilst teasing new visuals and offering small hints of the journey Bond find himself on. So, let's look a little more closely at the thrills James will be delivering on November 6 (I'm just going to pretend the UK aren't getting it two weeks early).

Lots (and lots) of nods to previous Bond films

One thing that really jumps out whilst watching the trailer is the sheer number of references to past Bond adventures. Whilst Skyfall indulged in a little nostalgia, bringing back the beautiful Aston DB5 (and then destroying it), Spectre seems to be in the mood for putting a fresh twist on the past.

When James tells Oberhauser "I came here to kill you", and Christoph Waltz's villain responds "And I thought you came here to die", it seems like a massive nod to the iconic line from Goldfinger: "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!" James and his nemeses usually perform a weird kind of mannered dance around each other whereby both parties pretend not to be plotting the death of the other, so the directness of the dialogue suggests a rather different dynamic between Bond and Oberhauser, presumably tied into the mysterious past they share.

Of course, there are visual homages to Live and Let Die in the Day of the Dead scenes in Mexico City, whilst the scene with Bond running toward a fire on the bridge in Westminster seems very similar to the Skyfall scene with M (Judi Dench) stopping her vehicle and witnessing the explosion at MI6 HQ. The mountaintop building in the Austrian Alps also bears a striking resemblance to Blofeld's research facility in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Perhaps some of those are coincidental, but others feel deliberate and in line with the Bond franchise's new policy of keeping one foot in the past and the other firmly in the future.

Truly stunning cinematics

After Roger Deakins did such a phenomenal job as Director of Photography on Skyfall, news that he wouldn't reteam with Sam Mendes on Spectre was met with some disappointment, but Hoyte van Hoytema (Her and Interstellar) certainly seems to have relished the challenge of making a beautiful Bond movie.

This shot of Mexico City seems to set the tone for the rest of the movie. In IMAX it's guaranteed to be nothing short of breathtaking, even if the film itself isn't.

(The film will be too.)

That desert lair

The previous trailer was pretty heavy on scenes from Mexico and Austria, but this time we get our first look at the scenes shot in Morocco, which appear to be some kind of a desert hideout belonging to SPECTRE.

There's something highly surreal about the architecture of this miniature city inside what looks vaguely like the foundations of a ruptured volcano. The whole visual almost has a Star Wars feel to it, and it'll be awesome to see Bond in a totally different environment to his normal hunting ground. (Of course, there's also a slight Quantum of Solace vibe going on, but let's look past that.)

Another of the locations teased more heavily in this trailer is London, keeping up the British atmospherics utilised to such great effect in Skyfall. Bond appears to be legging it towards a car engulfed in flames, but who's inside it? Hopefully not the lovely Miss Moneypenny.

Speaking of which, if you're worried you won't get to see Eve (Naomie Harris) in the field in this movie, all is not lost - because she's the star of a new, really quite cheesy Sony advert in which she goes on a covert mission of her own: collecting Bond's new phone. It's about as absurd as you'd expect, but still enjoyable to see the invaluable MI6 officer get her moment in the limelight. Check it out.

There are two and a half weeks until the UK gets Spectre, and another two before the rest of the world catches up. Are your excitement levels at fever pitch yet? Leave a comment or write your own post about it.

And one final thought: what's up with Bond's dirty fingernails?


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