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Heisenberg will forever go down as one of the greatest characters EVER! The man behind that outstanding performance is of course the legendary Bryan Cranston. Bryan Cranston has solidified himself as one of the greatest actors in this day in age and Heisenberg definitely added to that legacy. Cranston's ability to play both protagonist and villain really exhibit his outstanding range as an actor. With the rise in popularity in superhero films, it seems like everyone wants in and Bryan cranston reveals that he wants to play a villain in the MCU!

Bryan Cranston wants to play a Marvel Villain!

Bryan Cranston has been linked numerous times within fan castings and rumors surrounding him being cast in Superhero movies. While speaking with Metro at the London Film Festival, he had this to say about what he would like to do within Marvel:

"You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to do some big superhero villain in some Marvel classic,"

So, Cranston wants to play a pretty "nasty" villain in a Marvel classic but did not disclose who exactly he would like to portray. There are tons of villains that I am sure that we would all love to see Cranston portray but there is one villain in particular in the MCU that I think Cranston would be great for!

Bryan Cranston as Norman Osbourne!

Norman Osbourne is easily one of my all time favorite comic villains and I think if they were to bring a true to comics Norman to the MCU I think Bryan Cranston would be awesome. Norman Osbourne is absolutely insane and nobody does insane much better than Bryan Cranston. Physically they are very similar, they look incredibly alike so that would be no issue. Could you imagine Bryan Cranston suiting up as the Green Goblin? It would definitely be a drastically different role than any he has played before but I really think it could work.

Unfortunately, Cranston also mentioned that if he were to portray a Marvel villain he would want to make one up from scratch so it seems that Norman Osbourne would be out of the question.

We Need Bryan Cranston in the MCU!

In any way possibly, Marvel should bring Bryan Cranston to the MCU. His sheer acting ability alone can up the performance level of an entire film. Whether it be a brand new villain made for the MCU or a solidified comic villain such as Norman Osbourne, Cranston should excel. One of the gripes against Marvel is the lack of quality villains and Cranston can surely change that narrative. Cranston definitely needs to be in the MCU and hopefully Marvel seriously takes it into consideration!

‘We’re done when I say we’re done’- Heisenberg



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