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[Full spoilers to follow. Don't read the article if you haven't seen this week's episode]

The pieces started to assemble while the show found his new tagline during this fourth episode of Heroes Reborn.

This week's episode opened right after Tommy's accident. I have to say, I really liked his storyline this week. His mum was severely injured and needed a transfusion. Of course, Tommy would have done anything to save his only family even if it meant exposing his secret. We saw a real moment of friendship when Emily and Brad came in the hospital. Tommy's smile and surprise meant everything. He never had any real friends in his life and having people with whom he can share without holding back any secrets is totally new for him. Aside, the "Do you ever get the feeling you were supposed to do something extraordinary?" line was really cliché.

Luke and Joanne storyline still feel completely flat. They just have nothing to do with the red line of the show. Joanne is still despicable. I already said it last week, but her character has nothing to offer. Everything feels dark with her. There is no grey areas, where we could say: "She did bad things but she's not basically a bad person." Luke will seemingly be one of the heroes evoked by Farah, Melina's protectress but still, his story feel so off from the rest that I can't see where is his place in it.

The same can be said for Carlos. His story wasn't interesting at all this week. We just had the time to see him ride off with his new car while his nephew Jose, along with Father Mauricio, was taken by Captain Healing. I expect so much from Dylan Bruce's character that I'm really disappointed so far. It's probably the cons of using such a large cast.

We finally got our proper introduction of Melina this week. We saw very little of her character during the three first episodes but it highlights how much she will be a pivotal character in future events. She seems able to bring back life to nature, animals but how far can go her power ? Her story seems really promising and I'm convinced we saw only a preview at what she can do. That's surely why Erica wants her dead. She's a direct threat to her plans and can't be left alive.

Let's talk about those plans. Quentin and Noah went on a secret mission in Renautas headquarters, to free Molly after last week events and they got a welcome addition to the team. Erica's daughter Taylor decided to betray her mother after she learned the real objective of Renautas: kill the entire human species. It is kind of funny because Eve Harlow played the same type of character on The 100 (it is a great show by the way). Also, Molly Walker's suicide felt like the right thing to do at this moment. I feel like it was a logical step that also gave us the tagline of Heroes Reborn: "Forget the past. Save the future." I think this sentence well applies to both the characters and us, the audience. Whatever happened on June 13th was something worth dying for but we still don't have a clue about how Claire died that day. That's the critic that can be made to this storyline: we learned basically nothing on that front.

Back to Erica, she decided to handle the situation more directly. Molly's death prived her of the only "device" she had to locate and capture EVOs but she had the time to locate Melina even if the location is nothing but precise. More importantly, she asked Harris to use the "Shadow." I'm sure those who watched and enjoyed Heroes Reborn webisodes must probably be excited right now. Indeed, this "Shadow" is in fact Quentin's sister Phoebe.

How Renautas managed to manipulate a nice girl into a powerful and deadly weapon ? This is one of the questions the show will address during the next weeks with the repercussions it will have on Quentin. He will probably be the only one capable of making her see reason at the end. But I don't expect an happy ending for those two.

Even if some characters feel still apart from the bigger picture, the puzzle pieces started to make sense while the stakes grown even more higher.

Heroes Reborn airs Thursday on NBC.


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