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We all know that Taylor swift's BAD BLOOD holds the YouTube record fastest likes in one hour.. Almost 30000 likes in one hour...

Yesterday October 8th a small teaser of a Tamil Film called "VEDALAM" released...


Well he has huge fan base in down south of India....

What his fans last night was phenomenal!!!!!!

Taylor swift Bad blood record broken

The movie teaser released at sharp at midnight 12:00 am indian.. The fans of Ajith kumar eagerly waiting for that..

Once the teaser is released they destroyed the like button in YouTube..

The teaser is released by Channel Sony music India. Music composed by Anirudh.


Within 10mins 10000likes

Within 30mins 30000likes

Within 60mins 50000+ likes..

Its not only destroyed all the Indian movie records also smashed Taylor swift's Bad blood YOUTUBE record for fastest likes for 1hr..she wont expect that....

And also became the Fastest movie trailer to achieve 100000likes in YouTube...

Which means this local teaser smashed all international Hollywood movie records... U didn't see that coming...

Watch the teaser here

The teaser achieved fastest indian movie trailer to hit 1million views..

Here are some shots in teaser

Well looks like Hollywood film..

A small article by TrollVijay team


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