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Wow, i just watched the movie and i couldn't think of a better way to fanboy all over the place than write a review. I haven't seen a good spy action movie since Skyfall (i haven't seen MI: Rogue Nation, i don't know why!) but when this movie came out, people we're loving it and praising it, so i thought, Fuck It, let's watch this.

Me after watching the movie:

Omg, I feel Alive!!
Omg, I feel Alive!!

Before i watched this movie, i've seen movies and being nipticking at every detail, i just wanted to watch a movie pure out of fun, just be entertained, you know?

Then i watched the movie and holy crap! i felt alive, i 've had some popcorn and watched it on my laptop. The action was fun and refreshing, the characters badass, simple and totally awesome. I watched this and had the most fun i ever had watching a movie (except Wolf Of Wall Street).

Now let's go balls deep:



So, there's this secret service called Kingsman ( a cool name, if you ask me) and after a butchered mission, one of the agents die and Colin Farrel's character goes to that soldier's family to tell them about the tragic news.

The kid of the deceased soldier is of course, our main protagonist Eggsy, and by the way, Taron Edgerton kills it as Eggsy. So, his mother is shattered by the news, Colin Farrel's character Harry Hart, goes to the kid and leaves him some kind of necklace telling him to use it when he needs to.

So, right of the bat, that is a simple but special premise, and not to make this a long ass review, i want to just say:


Yes, this movie is just too fun to miss out on, critics loved it, fans loved it, what are you waiting for.


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