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Civil War. By Definition it's a war held within one country between it's citizens. Pitting friend against friend, brother against brother and father against son. No one is safe from civil war as it is felt by any and everyone, no matter how remote. Comics are the exact same way. Whether you're DC and the Kingdom Come has left you between the Human Liberation Front and the new Justice League or you're Marvel and the government headlines a law that forces heroes to register as agents of said government. The result of trying to force heroes to register ends with heroes going rogue and basically being vilified and called rogue heroes (Side note: That would be an awesome name for a hero team by the way.)

The Comic:

How it starts: Following an explosion caused by the villain “Nitro”, the government demands the registration of heroes as they (the then team New Warriors) were partly responsible for the loss of life that had resulted.

Result: Down the middle. Some heroes register, others dissent and the lines are drawn in the sand. War had been declared between the governments heroes being led by Tony Stark and the Rogue heroes led by Captain America. All while both heads personally go to Moon Knight and told him essentially, “No! You can't play with us! You're weird!”

Reaction: Much like the comic, the reaction to the book seems to be down the middle with a leaning to the event being bad. The reason being a number of factors. The Hero Registration Act never being defined to any detail caused the biggest problems. All we had was just the catch all “Heroes register=good. Heroes don't=Bad.” The Rogue heroes being written as the heroes while vilifying the registered heroes despite at the end of the story we learn that they were supposed to be the good guys in the whole thing.

They story line had a lot of good ideas but like the Clone Saga before it went too long and never took a shot at using any of those good ideas.

But wait!

That's right guys with the magic that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are going to see Civil War V. 2.0 with Captain America: Civil War. The Captain America movies have always been my favorite of the Marvel movies. His movies are basically what Superman's should be. A dark world but his colors shine through and show that there is hope. We will make it through.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier had shown that there are other heroes in the world that we just haven't been introduced to yet. We all heard Steven Strange back there. The roster is already impressive with the avengers (minus Thor and Hulk),

King T'Challa portayed by Chadwick Boseman
King T'Challa portayed by Chadwick Boseman

the King of Wakanda, Black Panther,

Spidey portrayed by Tom Holland
Spidey portrayed by Tom Holland

and Spider-Man appearing somewhere in the coming attraction, in all his turncoat glory. Heck even Crossbones is making an appearance as one of the villains and I love that with the continuity.

I'm excited as I'm always a fan of hero v. hero as long as the true villains gets it in the end and the heroes aren't really the villains in the end. But the needs to be asked...


I want to say yes. It looks all kinds of awesome and I can't wait for it all to come out. We've already lost a couple heroes who would've been fun to see but we may get something more with all the other heroes coming in. I can't wait for Spidey either, as he's in my top three of Marvel heroes. That's an article for another day though. My only problem is this...

Can the movie live up to such hype? Again I want to say yes, I mean look at The Avengers when it first came out. So much build up, so much hype and honestly I think it's the greatest superhero movie ever. This movie is gonna be fun and it may actually have lasting changes like we've been seeing.

What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below and as always: Till Next Time.


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