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There is power in numbers and at Moviepilot, our readers are around 30 million strong. When we wanted to know what most scares people in 2015, we put it to our community, and this is what they said.

We can all remember when it was and where we were when Nightmare on Elm Street first scared us straight. 31 years later, it’s still at the top of our list.

Of all the incredible horror movie villains out there, Freddy Krueger is the one killer whose scare factor has remained this strong, for so long.

Are you brave enough to watch scary movies on your own? If not, you’re in the minority!

Ghost stories aren’t just for kids! The vast majority of our readers admit they not only believe in them, but have actually seen one.

This article was originally posted in the Moviepilot Magazine – Fear Issue.

Illustrations: Nathan David Smith


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