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Lets say you taje just one single are of metropolis. Say Downtown. You get a big brawl. Superman starts heat blasting, and super punching. So you super punch an enemy and said enemy flies into a building... The building collapses. A geat vision blast misses and levels a building... How long would it take before the entirety of downtown metropolis is non-existent? Sorry but destructible environments in games that are open world, and on that kind of scale? It would be TOO big, and too time consuming to add their own graphic sets for each building, and each possible destruction. I mean if this were a possibility, a player could just fly around and destroy the world. Sorry but IF a Superman game ever comes to existence... This will not happen. And what if Superman finds himself in an interior location and knocks an enemy around? That would have to have the same effect. Its just not doable. The only way to do an open world type game set in Metropolis with Superman (or any city) would be to power him down. Think of the enemies in an Arkham game. You get bombarded with them in brawls. What if you were Superman? One big fight would end up demolishing a block. So what? Less baddies? No because that would be boring. The only way to do it is to power down Superman as a plot device. Maybe something is blocking the sun, or there is a kryptonite radiation problem somewhere, or maybe outside of Bossfights, Superman just acknowledges that he cant go full strength (which would eliminate mass destruction save for maybe choices you may face at the end of battles or at certain points thtough the game as events). I mean thats how a game would have to go right? They arent just going to hand you the keys to a god and say have fun... Because it wouldnt be. It wouldnt be a challenge. You need to level up. So say in the instance there is something draining Superman's abilities (good chance to use parasite right there). You start the game as someone that can leap high, has x-ray vision, and small scale super strength. Through leveling up and getting back into the swing of things (and the leaping thing would help as a device to serve as an introduction, and to show the transition to the larger world) Superman regains some of his powers. But I think things like Heat vision should be treated as Batman's gadgets in Asylum and City. Something that unlocks as they arw needed to advance... Instead of just getting points, and unlocking just because. Points could be spent on strength for your physical attacks, kryptonite durability, bulletproof rating, land speed, air speed, heat vision potency, ability to see more with x-ray vision, or magic resistence. And instead of where Batman has his Predator Maps, I think Superman should have a similar mode. An "Intimidation mode". Because leta face it. Enemies could be piling up on you, could be heavily armes. Maybe a couple in special kryptonite suits that damage you, or have kryptonite bullets. Maybe the walls are lined with lead, or there is a kryptonite device jamming your vision... Still they ultimately wouldnt stand a chance in a fight, and Superman wouldn't risk killing them. So what do you do? What would make this challenging? Non-lethal take downs. Have a meter that fills up as you do things and take down enemies. Stand still and block bullets... The intimidation meter fills up a bit. Use heat vision to target weapons and melt them... Meter fills up a bit. Pick up an enemy and throw them into a group of other enemies... Intimidation meter fills up a bit. And once its filled, the enemies stand down. Or maybe a couple will keep up the assault, or Superman has the option to let the military or police handle them, by evacuating them to a safe area, or to knock them out in combat. Superman is Superman. But this would be a game. Not a comic, not a movie. There has to be player/character progression, and if Superman is overpowered... The game would get boring quick, and be over in an instant. But what maybe could be done to counteract that is to have post game content, or challenges. The Arkham games were great... Are great. But there is just nothing to do after the game is over, really. You can start a new game plus (which would also serve as a way to increase difficulty while letting you start the game a little stronger)... Or you can buy dlc. In the Arkham games, theres a lot of side missions and AR Challenges. And sure they are fun. But it would be cool if some side missions weresaved as end game content that unlocks (and follows the story) after the main campaign ends. Like sure you can do stuff in Arkham Knight after the game is over. But itd be cool if there were a few missions that might show the clean-up and fall-out. Like in Superman. There could be an Epilogue of side missions. Have Wade Eilling turn after the credits roll as the one major mission. Instead of hunting down titan containers, have Amazo as an enemy during the campaign as a stalker enemy that is recurring. Than after the campaign you have to recover and scatter his parts. Or for challenges. Outside of tutorial stuff. Wouldnt it be cool to set-up a justice league for real in one of these games? Why not have a landspeed race challenge where The Flash shows up in Metropolis. Gives you a few things left to do. Maybe a few other Leaguers appear through the game, and afterward they challenge you to differwnt things like that. Maybe speed shooting with Green Arrow, a boss-fight type scenario against Wonder Woman (ala Shiva in A:Origins), or after getting all of a certain type of collectible in the game... Aquaman appears after the campaign and challenges you to find 10 more around the Metropolis coastline (maybe each protected by an underwater fight) and it culminates with Ocean Master ambushing you into a fight but Aquaman jumps in. And at the end of it all, the epilogue could show the Watchtower being built briefly, and maybe show a space ship approaching in the distance, or a planet appearing, or boom tubes opening up on Earth.

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