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There are some things I need to explain about the title. 1. I know Manhwa is not another word for manga or how you pronounce manga. 2. I'm not going to be giving 5 of each but 5 in all.

I'm a slow reader; like a really slow reader. I understand how annoying it can be to have to read really long books wanting to skip the exposition and things and wanting to get to the point. I also understand not wanting to dedicate time to a really long manga. Rather than a list "the bestest manga to ever grace the world", this will be about my personal choices for the easiest and most entertaining manga/manhwa/comics to get through for newer readers to the manga world.

If you have no clue what the word manhwa I'm referring to means, it is basically the Korean alternative to manga that can read like American novels left to right. The manhwas I've come across have also been fully colored and seemingly digitally made. I don't know if that was because they were webcomics or not.


Angel Densetsu is by no means required reading for beginners but it is definitely a great read to get you introduced to the world of Japanese delinquents. It's a shonen manga about a sweet kid named Kitano with the face of a Japanese gangster. Though he may not look as intimidating by our standards, he'd definitely at least look like he's up to no good. From his face and his general awkwardness he gets into many compromising situations and by other characters' misunderstanding manages to come out on top.

It's a generally funny manga that had me laughing a few times at how absurdly people jump to conclusions. It's said that the danger of ignorant people is that they can say something with such heart that they can even convince a rational person of it. This manga embodies this thought because of how general assumptions made by an irrational person causes everyone else to believe it to be true without giving it a second thought. This manga personifies this thought and much more. It's not an extremely long read, being about 84 chapters, but it is weighed down in some places with a bit of unnecessary exposition and redundant gags.

4. Claymore

For now this is the longest on the list at 151 Chapters. Claymore is a great introduction into manga, keeping up with the violence we're used to from anime while displaying some deep and interesting tales of betrayal, unconventional love and camaraderie. The characters are interesting, as is the mythos, but the ending does leave a little to be desired. Still it is worth the read for the fights, gore and characters alone.

3. Shokugeki No Souma

Shokugeki No Soma is already a popular anime show. I started reading ahead almost immediately after the first episode. I'm glad I did too. At the time of me reading it, it was at 120 chapters and now it's about to go into 140. Not much of a change but if you wait too long to start it you'll be staring down the barrel of 160-200 chapters. It just started a hugely important arc so I believe it's just getting started but I could be wrong and after this time is settled it could be ending peacefully on 200.

This is a manga that will make you look at your food in disdain. Definitely not one you should read while you're hungry unless you can afford extremely gourmet foods. The characters are fun and the plot overall is relatively shonen. Soma is ridiculously strong to normal people but to the elites he barely even registers on their radar. Then his tenacity and never say die attitude allows him to work as hard as possible to overcome his obstacles. Sometimes Soma succeeds and sometimes he doesn't. You have to read it to find out.

2. The Gamer

Have you ever wished your real life was like an RPG? Well Han Jee-Han didn't but he got it anyway. After spending long hours playing video games and RPGs, he was bestowed with the special skills of a video game character. Suddenly he was tossed into a dark world of magic and mystery. Right now it's at 102 chapters but it is a quick and easy read only taking me a couple days of inconsistent attention. Also it flows well and skips a lot of unnecessary exposition allowing the story to unfold with its actions. It's a pretty entertaining read especially if you appreciate the dungeon crawling RPGs. It's currently the only manhwa I know well enough to really recommend; the others I'm only casually reading or have just started. I've also read that it's more of a webcomic than a genuine manhwa but is considered to be a manhwa by many readers.

1. Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!

Unlike in America where the guy apparently has to do all the heavy lifting, girls actually ask out guys sometimes in Japan. Tomo asked out her childhood friend Jun only to be "brozoned" (even worse than being reject). He literally didn't even know she was a girl. This is a gag manga about Tomboy Tomo, dimwitted Jun and their friends as Tomo tries to figure out how to navigate this newfound area she's been placed in. It's a great and relatively funny comic. It's not very long either, as it currently has 170 pages today and is being updated everyday.

If you want to know or talk more about anime or manga, feel free to find me on myanimelist. I barely ever get up there to update my list but if you shoot me a message and add me I should get an email about it.


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