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Now let's get into this shall we. Zoom. Comic book fans will know this name all too well and for those that have seen The Flash you may know of a similar named man. Eobard Thawn also known as Professor Zoom. Now these two men are different and have different connections to the Flash family.

In the first jaw dropping season of The Flash we are introduced to a villain , Professor Zoom , the reverse flash a.k.a Eobard Thawn. A man who stole a body and caused hell for Barry Allen as well as the man who taught him. Now while Eobard Thawn is undoubtedly an amazing villain who was quite evil and definitely could not be trusted he was still quite tame and in the end did care for Barry a little.

Let's just say Zoom, well he isn't exactly Mr caring mentor.Zoom is known as Hunter Zolomon, a man who was hell bent on making Wally West ( Kid flash and the third person to be known as the Flash ) suffer and generally have a terrible and painful life. But the internet is never such a simple place eh. We have a whole lot of weird and interesting theories as to who Zoom may be in The Flash season 2 and each is more intriguing than the other.

The first one is one that fans seem to be talking about quite a bit and it would definitely make for a brilliant season but a dramatic one at best....Eddie Thawn. Eddie Thawn who was dating Iris West died sacrificing himself as the ancestor of Eobard Thawn in order to kill him is thought on this wide wide web to be quite alive and affected by the singularity over on Earth 2. People say perhaps he is angry that Barry is the reason he couldn't stay and be with Iris and he's found a way to get his long awaited revenge on The Flash. This however doesn't at the moment seem likely but it is quite something and a little to chew over.

Edward Claris. This one would put a grin on the faces of all of you comic book fanatics out there I'm sure and let me explain. Edward Claris was the reverse flash who fought against the first man known to take the title the Flash- Jay Garrick, he was part of the golden age and was quite a force against Garrick, we see Garrick appear at the end of this mind blowing season 2 Premiere , and he warns that their world was in grave danger, Garrick is from Earth 2 and has been the flash for much longer than Barry so we may see him as a sort of older brother/ mentor figure to our Mr Allen. But back to Edward Claris, Garrick could very well have been talking about Edward and that would be quite something.

The other two theories most talked about are wacky and definitely out there but fun to think about nevertheless. An older version of Wally West either from the future or from an Alternate timeline, a different reality. This would be absolutely amazing but seeing as we will be seeing Wally West at some stage as Kid Flash in this season I doubt we'll see an older darker Wally. Still wow.

And last but not least Barry. Yes Barry Allen himself is thought to perhaps be Zoom. Maybe an alternate version of Barry who was never able to even get the chance to save his mother and hates Barry for not changing that history. Or maybe for an entirely different set of reasons but again what a story that would make and Barry has had many enemies , to have himself as his greatest enemy would be a welcome change to the show I am sure.

But yet again it is not up to just one person to think and decide. Discuss it for yourselves and let us know what you think


Who do you guys think Zoom may be ?


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