ByLola Newman, writer at

Scream Queens (2015) is the show horror fans have been waiting for for decades.

Since the release of the self-aware masterpiece Scream (1996), the horror genre has seen many greats but few that appeal unreservedly to the dark humour and gore hungry heart of a seasoned horror fan.

Featuring Jamie Lee Curtis herself as a cold hearted, often indifferent, predatory matriarchal dean of the university she shows her range beyond the delicate young victim and hands the torch of leading lady to Emma Roberts. Having recently crept into the creepy limelight in the American Horror Story franchise in both Coven and Freak Show she seems utterly at place within the genre. However, far from assuming the role of the virginal survivor she displays the grade of grit I personally, as a woman find a refreshing change.

Their characters are far from admirable as the pair take on opposing roles of leadership with Roberts heading the sorority KKT of which Curtis’ Dean despises so intensely. Featuring a varied cast of suitable skill viewers will recognise a familiar face from Glee amongst KKT’s new pledges.

Following a tale of a sordid sorority’s secrets the show leads us through the challenges thrown at them by murder, those hoping for something fairer and the investigative journalism of a local student. The show, so far, offers endless entertainment in often cruel laughs and grotesque violence that those familiar to the genre will be happy to see.

This show is the cherry atop the ice cream sundae that is the horror genre, a marvellous addition regardless of your cherry preferences.

I have high hopes for this show despite the frequency of disappoint in my past.

This is a spectacular feather for Ryan Murphy to add to his hat and I'm sure it is going to be wild.



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