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Superman. The man of tomorrow, the big blue boy-scout, and the other nickname he's known by as the same as the title, The Man of Steel.

Zack Snyder & David Goyer set about making a modern Superman that people could relate to in a realistic environment (a scene I am getting sick of seeing) yet at the same time still see the character that people are familiar with.

I think when you bring in the aspect of Clark being an outcast due to the nature of his origin, he is going to be very different from the rest to the point where his parents don't permit him to mix with other kids his age so that no one will suspect there is a uniqueness to him that would alert the authorities to have him taken away to be studied.
That said there's a lot of logic behind the weight of that theory for if you meet somebody that is faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive then it will raise a few eyebrows.

Henry Cavhill was an excellent choice of portraying Superman for a modern cinema in showing just how isolated someone like that would be and then figuring out what to do when he discovers exactly what he is.

Furthermore, I can't really think of anyone that turned in a bad performance in this movie as the actors all do their own little traits that make these characters their own.
The only thing I can mark Michael Shannon down for is his hammy delivery of "I WILL FIND HIM!" that had me laughing to begin with but then it got less amusing the more I saw it.

Laurence Fishburne had a real sober approach to playing a 2013 interpretation of Perry White. This role is interesting as for a man that has played Cowboy Curtis in Pee-Wee Herman's fun house to Morpheus in the Matrix, playing an editor for a major Metropolitan newspaper was not something that I would automatically associate Fishburne with. But to his credit he knocked it out of the park and made you take him seriously.

Now to Amy Adams as Lois Lane. I loved her portrayal as the ruthless and cerebral reporter Lois Lane, and Superman's love interest.
Amy was very direct and persistent as legendary Daily Planet reporter really getting under the skin of Clark wanting to know his story and annoying her editor with how larger than life and fantastical the story appeared to be.

Russel Crowe was just amazing to watch as Jor-El, mentoring Clark about his Kryptonian heritage once he was old enough to comprehend and ready to listen just to what exactly he was and where he came from.

The thing I was very critical of with this movie was comparing Superman to Jesus. That just didn't sit right with me. Supes is an amazing being, no denial there, but to make the comparison with the Christian Lord is just something that I don't think needs to be explored. Or to put it simply......I'm not touching that.

Hans Zimmer produced a fantastic score and a new theme despite fan demands to include the iconic John Williams score from the original 1978 Superman movie.

This movie made Superman relevant again.


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