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Dillon Martines

From the First time I started watching the first season of american horror story I was hooked. Of course it wasn't really "scary" but it was pretty captivating and suspenseful. I ended up binge watching the first season thanks to Netflix so i could catch up with my friends. Every week we all sat together with all the lights off watching and waiting to see what was going to happen next. I loved everything that happened in season one ( Murder House) and was excited to when season two (Asylum) came out which was just as great as the first one, the ending was a little rocky but overall still great.

Season three(Coven) was when I was really starting to lose faith in the writing of this show. It was was a really clever concept a house of witches. The problem was that every single episode was the same thing. Sassy talk from Emma Roberts. Back stabbing from Jessica Lange. Even Peters character acting like a dimwit but Emma Roberts and Taissa Farmiga still both trying to bone him. Someone dies and then comes back to life either in the same episode or in the next. Random guest appearance from Stevie Nicks. Roll credits.

Season four (Freak Show) was also trash i got about five episodes and gave up. Everything about Freak Show was just nonsense. I won't go any further into this one.

And onto the current garbage pile they are trying to pass off as a good idea. Season five (Hotel). This past Wednesday the first episode of AHS aired and I'll be honest I didn't go into watching it with the highest of hopes. As soon as i heard that Lady Gaga would be one of the stars i was instantly annoyed everything about that woman is the worst, so of course they would write her into a show i like and in result make it terrible. The show starts off with two European girls being dropped off at the door ready to start their big adventure in L.A. but of course they have a room at this sketchy hotel. Within two minutes of being there Girl "A" tells girl "B" that there is a dead smell coming from the mattress so they just cut the bed open and out pops a rotting dead person. From this point on its just stupid. The girls end up getting munched on by some dead kids and then locked in a cage by Kathy bates, a junkie rents a room (room 64 where all the crazy stuff happens) to get high only to get anally raped by a faceless person with a giant drill for a penis all the while Sarah Paulson's character watches and demands the junkie says "I love you" while still being raped. Some how tied in is a cop whom is in a loveless marriage after losing their son who's ghost is trapped in the hotel. Skip ahead a little bit to Lady Gaga's entrance. We see her and her lackey getting ready to go in ridiculous outfits to go to an out door screening of "Nosferatu" where they start eye screwing a near by couple whom they somehow get to come back to the hotel with them for a foursome. The sex scene can only be described as very un-sexy. They are all over each other when out of no where Lady Gaga and her friend cut the throats of the other couple and begin drinking the blood of the couple. Pretty much nothing is consistent and there is no rhyme or reason for anything that is happening in this mockery of a show.


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