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Collins Vincent

Superhero movies have become the biggest game in Tinseltown and it looks like new blood will soon be introduced to the ever growing film genre. Ron Howard and Brian Glazer have thrown their hats into the ring and will be developing a live-action feature based on Tiger and Bunny, a popular anime series about the struggles of commercialized superheroes in a Neo-futuristic setting. The film will be produced by Imagine entertainment and All nippon entertainment works, who will be partnering on the project.

Here's the synopsis for the anime series:

Veteran hero Wild Tiger, whose old fashioned code of honor means he isn’t great at showmanship, has become something of a has-been. To increase his profile he teams up with a rookie hero who has the same powers, but a much more cynical outlook. Together, they fight crime, naturally lock horns over their differences, and must eventually contend with a terrifying, homicidal vigilante calling himself Lunatic.

The series definitely has an interesting premise and it's easy to see why Ron Howard and Brian Glazer have taken such an interest in bringing it to the big screen. Tiger and Bunny deals with some interesting themes surrounding superheroes who exist in heavily commercialized environment where many of them seem a bit more focused on maintaining an image and winning awards than actually serving the general public. The two main characters provide two different perspectives that highlight the ups and downs of being a corporate superhero since one of them thinks that it is simply a game to be played while he tries to make a comeback and the other is bit more cynical about the whole idea despite being a rookie. Tiger and Bunny emphasizes the idea of finding true justice and heroism in a world where heroes are more prestige-driven which might make it hard for you to like the heroes and instead cheer on the villains. Hopefully the film can touch on these ideas in way that resonates with people in a fun but impactful way.


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