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Now one can argue that Hugh Jackman has been enough times as Marvel's lovable Rogue (not the character) for Professor's X school of the gifted, but when you have a movie like this where Logan is taken out of the normal element of fighting alongside with the X-Men and is revisiting a situation that took place at the end of WW2 in Japan, it makes for an interesting story.

Jackman gives another great performance as the seemingly immortal and feral Logan looking to undo a bad situation where an acquaintance from the past seeks his company so that he would be able to take his retro-metabolism away from him so that he may be able to actually live a normal life.

The story keeps you interested from start to finish as you get to see Wolverine in a way you haven't seen him before, and that's to see him at a disadvantage without being able to heal in an instant that we had become so accustomed to see him do.

But that's a tried and test formula that works. The audience wants to care about the protagonist in having him overcome a challenge as if he just some Garry-Stu that finished a situation in 2 seconds then it wouldn't be much of a movie, it'd just be a DragonBall Z segment with either Goku or Vegeta overpowering the enemy. Hmmm, there's an image of Jackman voicing Vegeta, which to be honest I think he'd enjoy a little too much.

This is the best Wolverine performance to date.


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