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It's been over a year since we lost the beloved comedy great and Academy Award-winning actor, Robin Williams. And while it's still hard to comprehend the passing of someone so integral to the lives of movie fans everywhere, at least we can still look back on his hugely impressive body of work.

What might come as even more of a shock is that it's been almost 25 years since the animated Disney classic Aladdin first premiered in 1992. Williams famously voiced Aladdin's ever-faithful companion, Genie, and became a pillar of everyone's childhood in the process.

Known for his aptitude for impressions and vocal comedy, there's no question that Robin Williams was born to bring the Genie, a character of a hundred different personalities, to life. Until this point, we've been able to look back on this movie and a handful of behind-the-scenes footage of his work on Aladdin to reminisce.

Earlier today, ABC's Good Morning America released some never-before-seen outtakes of Williams in the sound booth voicing the Genie that will accompany the film's new Blu-ray edition. Needless to say, it's stirring up all kinds of emotions across the Internet.

Check out Good Morning America's clip of the touching tribute to get a taste of what we can expect to see in the new bonus footage:

Between the interviews of those who knew him and every bit of genius that was left on the cutting room floor, these outtakes made me miss Robin Williams all the more. We will truly never had a friend like him.

The special Blu-ray edition of Aladdin will be available for purchase starting October 13.

(Source: Good Morning America, Time)


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