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Isn't it awesome when an undiscovered outtake or deleted scene from an old film is uncovered? We get to relive the magic of the original film, while witnessing it in a way we've never seen before! It's like when you look into a time capsule that you and your friends buried years ago and seeing the secret stuff they put in there for the first time- a real blast from the past!

It's especially cool when the never-before-seen footage focuses on a character we all know and love! Remember the story reel from Shrek that showed what the mean, green ogre was like when the late Chris Farley was set to voice him?

Taking a look at this showed us just how different Shrek was going to be initially. Well now, another animated film outtake has been uncovered- and although it doesn't really change the way the film came out, it does provide some never-before-seen scenes of one of my favorite actors; Robin Williams!

Today on Good Morning America, the team behind the hit Disney film, Aladdin, stopped by and talked about the film. Aladdin is getting a 'Diamond Edition' Blu-Ray re-release, and to commemorate this awesome news, the Aladdin team shared a sneak peek at some new clips starring Robin Williams as Genie!

The clip shows Robin doing what he does best; impressions. It shows the late actor performing different impressions as Genie, with pictures to provide some visual example. You can check out the short but awesome clip below:

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Aladdin came out. The animated film has been a favorite of many since its release, and is definitely deserving of a re-release. Robin Williams' performance as the energetic Genie was what made the film so great!

It's amazing to see Robin Williams recording scenes for what would become one of his most memorable roles. Like I said, they don't add much to the film in regards to story changes, but it shines the spotlight on the film's greatest character, voiced by Hollywood's greatest man!

Along with the never-before-seen clips are some touching and heartfelt words from the crew that got to work with Robin Williams while making Aladdin. Supervising animator Eric Goldberg said:

“Aside from him being funny as anything, he was such a warm person,"

And Ron Clements, co-director and writer of the film said:

"Nobody else could be the Genie. We recorded him in four-hour sessions and he would be going for four hours straight. By the end, he was just drenched in sweat. He had so much energy and so much passion."

Robin Williams truly was a friend and inspiration to all. Unfortunately, Robin lost his long battle with depression last year and committed suicide. He's a man who will always be missed, and judging by how excited people got over a short clip of him in the studio, he'll always be remembered as well!

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Source: US Magazine

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