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French comic-books are becoming a goldmine for studios and another one of these untapped gems has just been added to the "soon to be adapted" list. The french comic book series The Call of the Stryx is making the transition from page to screen and will become a weekly tv series. The project Hails from Element 8 entertainment and GRID/AT Anim who have teamed up to bring the graphic novel to television. The Call of the Stryx joins Valerian and the city of a thousand planets, another french comic series that is currently being prepped for a big screen adaptation.

Here's the summary for the comic:

the French series follows Kevin Nivek, a disgraced American Secret Service agent. He teams up with Debrah, “a mysterious female mercenary in his effort to clear his name. What they uncover along the way is a web of powerful interests that transcend governments, and a race of super creatures that have long inhabited the earth.

The premise of the graphic novel actually seems like it could support a long-running TV series that follows the weekly adventures of its two protagonists. We have a disgraced American secret service agent who was framed for a crime that he didn't commit, who probably holds himself to a high-standard, but is willing to temporarily discard his principles in pursuit of clearing his own name and wiping the slate clean. Next, we have Debrah, an enigmatic mercenary who's past is shrouded in mystery, but nonetheless, she aids Kevin in his quest to set the record straight and clear his name. Aside from seeking justice, there is also a larger conspiracy looming overhead that Debrah and Kevin investigate when they aren't focused on Kevin's crusade.

This series could actually turn out well if it remains true to the source material, even if there are minor changes made for television. The comic series boasts everything that one could hope for in an action-adventure tv series from provocative characters, intense action-sequences, exotic locations, and of course, world-shattering conspiracies. The casting for this will be key. The characters have to be depicted in a way that will keep audiences engaged, and casting actors who can fit the personas of these characters will be a difficult task indeed. John Harrison, the writer attached to the project, sounds very enthusiastic, and that's usually a good sign so this property might actually be in good hands after all.


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