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Teen Wolf actors Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry and Cody Christian were joined by show runner Jeff Davis and returning actor JR Bourne at Javits Center in Manhattan Friday afternoon for an hour-long discussion of Teen Wolf as part of New York Comic Con.

Fans were treated to the first promo for the upcoming second half of Teen Wolf Season 5.

Davis also gave away a number of plot details about the upcoming episodes.

Lydia is committed to Eichen House by her mother, reluctantly, according to Davis.

Inside Eichen she is treated by Doctor Valack who says he has “enhanced” her abilities.

The pack is still in shambles after the events of the first half of the season.

Scott and Stiles will engage in a very physical confrontation that left actor Posey bruised from being thrown into a wall.

Scott and Liam are still facing trust issues as well.

The pack will ultimately reunite to save Lydia.

Because of the supernatural protections surrounding the mental hospital, it will be left up to Stiles to ultimately save her.

They are filming the rescue as part of episode 515 which they’re working on right now.

Season 2 character Deucalion will return and has a scene with Theo.

JR Bourne’s Chris Argent Character will be back and Davis says one more Argent will return to the show as well.

Peter Hale will not return for Season 5.

Derek Hale will not return for Season 5.

Theo will try to talk Scott into working together to defeat “The Beast” released by the Dread Doctors.

Here is video of the entire panel if you have an hour to spare -

Teen Wolf returns on January 5. The show is moving to Tuesday 9PM EST and will air on Tuesday’s throughout the rest of the season.


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