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None of Honey I Shrunk the Kids happened at all. You'd like to think a story about a crack pot father, his "breakthrough" invention, and how the neighborhood kids went missing would be the base of this film, but no.

The mutual journeys of parents & children finding each other is the core of this story, but here's where it gets fun. The movie is actually a massive LSD trip. Conducted by hack inventor, Wayne Szalinski (played by Rick Moranis), two pairs of neighbors agree to drop acid with their children to reach new plateaus within the dynamics of family growth.

Szalinski is able to "invent" a state of the art acid synthesizer, which he calls an atomizer. The problem: nothing he's made ever worked well. Convinced he can achieve the trip, Wayne unknowingly fixes the atomizer & double-doses himself, his wife, and neighbors... thinking he hit placebo. While they are off in outer space, their two sets of children "use the machine" and "shrink" into almost nothing.

Not to spoil anything for moviegoers, but the intense action of the film never takes place. The parents are tripping so hard they basically can't see their kids sitting in a circle right in the back yard. Meanwhile, the kids are stuck feeling "tiny" and co-imagine a massive odyssey to return home.

The lovely bit is when the parents' double-doses wear down, they can "see" their kids again. Issues are neutralized as the children don't see their folks as so monstrous anymore. They feel the respect of being "brought up" to their parents' level. The children at this point come to appreciate their "actual size" feeling normal in pre-adulthood.

Case closed: LSD is not good.

Awesome movie. 5 stars (with this perspective applied).


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