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Although the news flow about the live action Robotech movie directed by James Wan has come to a dead stop, I still want to touch on one quiet topic. Who would be perfect to play the lead roles for the Zentraedi, the genetically engineered warrior clones created to serve the will of the Robotech Masters?

Known for their tremendous size, the Zentraedi pose a strong challenge to producers in regards to how they will be portrayed on-screen. The budget for special effects would be stressed if they wish to stay true to the franchise. The movie would be CGI heavy in order to accurately portray the Zentraedi's gigantic size. Yea, I know we've seen plenty of monster movies (Godzilla, Pacific Rim) that prove it's all possible, remember: The Zentraedi move and act like humans. Can it still be done, yes. Will it be pricey, more than likely. Will they also have the blue skin tones? I don't think so but they may have that pale look similar to another popular alien race...The Borg.

Let's forget about that though for now because we all know why you clicked on this article. Like me, you're curious as to who can portray the roles of the Zentraedi. I've thought long and hard about it and have come up with some options you may or may not like. So let's get to it!

Breetai, the Zentraedi Fleet Commander

Breetai, who leads the initial invasion of the planet earth. There are many who can fill this role but I like Julian Sands.

The 'Warlock', at least in my opinion seems like the perfect match for Breetai. We've seen him play plenty of roles as the calculating baddie. Gotham fans can surely agree as he plays Dr. Crane.

Exedore, Breetai's advisor.

For Exedore, I've thought about it and there is one person I can nominate for the role. Blame the Harry Potter movies for helping me out on this one. Yep, David Tennant!


I will crush them!
I will crush them!

Khyron, the battle hungry Battalion Commander. He's ruthless, cunning, and is the constant baddie who doesn't care for peace with humans. Whoever gets tapped for this role has to really have an intense feel in order to really fill the essence of Khyron. I like one actor for him, and he looks good with long hair too. Michael Sheen! You've seen him in Underworld and Twilight, need I say more?

Perfect for Khyron.
Perfect for Khyron.


Of course we can't cast Khyron and not cast his bloodthirsty side piece, Commander Azonia. We need a woman who has a commanding presence and yet is able to be somewhat seductive since Azonia is Khyron's personal eye candy. Since they already worked onscreen together and showed great chemistry, I like Rhona Mitra for the role.


Dolza, the Zentraedi Supreme Commander. The man ordered by the Robotech Masters to retrieve the SDF-1 and their precious protoculture matrix. Although my choice to play Dolza isn't totally bald, he most certainly fills the role of the man who ordered the deaths of almost 95% of the human race. Kelsey Grammar, come on down! Hope you all enjoyed the list! Comment below and let me know your thoughts.


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