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Dylan Christopher Kimmell

An author renowned for his revolutionary science fiction tales was influential in the development of the science fiction film genre. In the 1920s HG Wells was very prominent in the film industry, writing out the overall story for a film I have never heard of, and at this moment, google search has failed me in search of the film titled The Peace of The World, must have been one of those old movies that are long gone by now.

HG Wells' work had been adapted in the 30s, such as the Island of Dr. Moreau, retitled as the 1932 film Island of Lost Souls, and Universal's The Invisible Man (Universal owns a lot of those famous monster characters, don't they?). HG Wells then made an effort to write a film adaptation of one of his own works in 1936 with the film titled Things to Come, directed by William Cameron Menzies and produced by Alexander Korda. The film he was not pleased with, as he believed it had not done justice to his ideas of what the film should have been. It causes curiosity of which I would have liked answered, what incredible vision would he had if the film producer agreed to have not have tried to create another Metropolis.


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