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There are two things that I love the most: superheroes and writing. And it's great whenever I do something that involves both.
Wyatt Smith

Today, I have planned the ultimate party! It includes 2 characters from Marvel and 2 characters from DC. Plus, I decided to invite a secret guest celebrity whom I will reveal later! Let's take a look at the guests!

From Marvel, we have Agents Fitz and Simmons!

These two gifted individuals have been invited simply because they are super smart, and can entertain the party by cooking us something delicious, giving us insight on some new projects they've been working on and can tell us some super neat stuff!

And from DC, Cyborg and Beast Boy!

These two were invited simply to be the clowns and simply make all of the guests laugh. Cyborg and Beastie can tell us all the Uncle Jokes. Now Starfire would sure enjoy that, wouldn't she?

And, our guest celebrity is revealed to be, Stan Lee!

Everyone would want Stan the Man to be invited to their party! Stan would be an entertaining guest of honor by giving us new info on new storylines for Marvel Comics, or drop hints about things to come in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

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