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Zachary Michael Berdysz

This list is in no specific order but you have to admit these critics really got it wrong when it comes to movies. Most of the movies on this list I personally really enjoyed. But lets hop to it.

#5 Top Gun

Critic Score: 54% User Score: 83%

For a movie that has acclaimed by many movie-goers, for some reason the critics never seemed to come around to how good it really was. From the amazing air and flying effects to the acting, it was a good movie in my book.

#4 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Critic Score: 74% User Score: 86%

Now I realize these two are pretty close only 12% but AoU deserves at least an 85%. I don't see why it was considered that low, this is another movie I greatly loved. From the design of Ultron and his bots, to the fighting, plot and twists it was an amazing I repeat AMAZING movie. I honestly prefer it over the original since I'm an action guy, the first one didn't fulfill my lust for it.

#3 Forrest Gump

Critics Score: 72% User Score: 95%

REALLY rotten tomatoes? One of Tom Hanks greatest roles and it gets a 72. Just wow. This is one of his most iconic roles and that's what it gets. I enjoyed this movie a lot as well but that score is a disgrace, just sayin'.

#2 Boondock Saints

Critic Score: 20% User Score: 91%

Overall, good movie. The most underrated movie by critics, a 71% difference in ratings is embarrassing on the critics part. Though the sequel did not do well, this one fared well as most origins do. Thank you Norman Reedus and Sean Flannery for giving us this blessing of a movie.

#1 Big Game

Critic Score: 75% User Score: 35%

Now I have not seen this movie but this is another movie like Boondock Saints that the critics got wrong, the opposite way this time since they enjoyed it and we did not. I do not doubt Sam L Jackson did not do well since he is amazing but I bet it was not "A total blast"


Which movie was the best that got a bad rating by rotten tomatoes?


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