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Is the story of an young boy who lived

a child as an infant that taped audio

recorded by his grandpa


Jeffrey Baek's first film

official appearance began

as Himself voice of his real

infant baby who has hard time and

crying and begging and suffered and

felt lonely that his Grandpa has still

take care of him while his parents were out...

From the movie that is infleunce of:

"Ben" (1972)

"The Wiz" (1978)

"Home Alone" (1990)


"Edward Scissorhands" (1990)

As Jeffrey Baek's first name used to be

"SENG MIN" as his name used to be

known in legal name for TEMPORALY ONLY

as this tape his first cinema film in

hits classical film and before later his

name legal became

American in the later years as this

was the past and remembering

his first launch old film


For One Last Time...

Also will be featuring his old childhood

photos to make a picturized to make

match of the movie

for the original set in audio and

video no matter picture doesn't

match hearing perfectly

but hearing his childhood voice

and also will be ENGLISH SUBTITLE

will be adding it to by his Grandpa

his original language in Korean but

NOT to Jeffrey who was speechless

and sound making baby as he was

a infant and carrying on his legacy in tribute

and be loving memory of his child

in a touching heart story that you've

never seen or heard his movie

before that No other movie has been made like this...

From the director:

Mr. Um

Celebrating his first movie for the past

25 years of his 25th anniversary movie

will begin to RETURN for full

9 minutes short film to be ready to

publish to worldwide/nationwide in US

as something you could Imagine Him

to discovering his childhood

to take you through the time

to BRING BACK for the

next year Spring season in ONLINE...



As Himself as Real Voice of Baby Infant (Age: 0 Years old)

That taped in spring 1990

Jeffrey Baek's



25th Anniversary Edition

A Short Film

World Awaits for his childhood


Jeffrey Baek's The Story Of My Childhood (Audio Documentary Short Film-25th Anniversary Classic)

Jeffrey Sunny Baek's birth age was first used to be named "SENG-MIN" in 1990 after he was born in 80's from 1989.

Baek has been this first old classic of his voice when he was a baby at age of 0 years old who audio taped his voice by his grandfather before Baek grew up, as this was originally appeared back in Spring 1990, as also the photos of exhibition Baek's childhood as infant of himself was taken in 1990, and was not filmed recording his voice sound and crying with taking picture same time, but in 2015, Baek decided to create his childhood old image along with the voice taped recorded as was basically from audio tape cassette. His 25 years film classic was added in both of his exhibition photos with audio voice himself and English Subtitle has also been added to the screening first time, and it first re-appeared on YouTube since May 5, 2015 before it gets update to Vimeo, FB and more for later on.

Baek's childhood movie has also inspired his old classic film as stylish that influenced with the other old classic film like classic film of STAR WARS movies: 4, 5, and 6 (A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi), Indiana Jones and other Lucasfilm classic even 1986 short film like Disney's Captain EO starring Michael Jackson, even MJ's Thriller music video (1983), We Are The World, MJ's Moonwalker (1988), MJ's BAD a short film, The Wiz (1978), The Wizard of Oz (1939), The Invisible Man (1933), even The Jackson 5 (70's) and a lot of top of 80's til begin first til 90's decades that reached to billions for fans in the worldwide of his first official short film history in classic legendary original legacy tribute in return in the past.

This movie is also same back in 1955, when Disneyland was built for celebration began this past summer 2015, for 60th anniversary as Diamond Celebration for example even HATBOX GHOST is finally back in the attic at the ride inside HAUNTED MANSION that was original installed in 1969, then was removed out of the mansion and not back yet until 45 years later til now even same month of May 2015 as even this returned to the official and home of this worldwide network media for all fans would also inspire Baek's of greatest classic film of all time.

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Jeffrey Baek's Classic Film Trailer:


NOW AVAILABLE on YouTube: "Jeffrey Baek's The Story of My Childhood: 25th Anniversary Classic Documentary A Short Film

Approx/Running Time: 9 Minutes

©1990, 2015 Jeffrey Baek Productions, Mr. Um Original Foreign Asian Audio Media Cinema Inc.

All Rights Reserved. ®

Unauthorized copying is a punishable under federal law.


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