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Darren Teo

With the 5th season of the series set to premier in Spring 2016, I thought I should provide a refresher as to why Tobias Fünke, former therapist, struggling actor, and everyone's favorite never-nude, is the best character on the show.

Here's why:

1. He's a master of the English language.

2. Seriously. He's the Bard of our generation.

3. No, really. He should be a national treasure.

4. He's a loving husband.

5. A devoted uncle.

6. And a father who believes in tough love.

7. He's a pioneer of modern medicine.

8. His professional tact and sensitivity knows no bounds.

9. He isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

10. He likes to keep his options open.

11. To everyone.

12. He's just a progressive dude.

13. And his body...don't even get me started on his body.

14. It's just...It's just too much...

15. We love you, Tobias Fünke.

Be still my beating heart.


What about you? Who's do you think is the best character on Arrested Development?


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