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This is my first post. So I think it will be best if I start it off with a fan theory about CW's the Flash. I have been theorizing maybe Zoom isn't based on just one character but is actually an amalgamation of a few characters in the DC Universe. I think Zoom might still be Hunter Zolomon who is Zoom and it's possible that he will have the same goals that Zoom has in the comics. However there also might be elements taken from another version of the Reverse-Flash, the Rival. The Rival was the Golden Age version of the Reverse-Flash and is from Earth-Two. According to executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg Zoom is a villain from Earth-Two as well. I also think that the way Zoom looks is based on the 1990s Flash TV show villain, Pollux who was somewhat that show's version of the Reverse-Flash. Pollux was a clone of the Flash whose suit was blue as well. I'm not saying that I think Zoom is going to be a clone of the Flash but the suit that Zoom somewhat reminds me of Pollux's suit. It's possible I'm wrong about this but it's also possible that Zoom could be an amalgamation of the characters I talked about. However he may not be an amalgamation of all three of those characters. Tell me what you guys think.


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