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Teen Wolf actor Cody Saintgnue (Brett Talbot) is addressing the recent media stories about his lawsuit against the Mirage Casino and 1 OAK nightclub.

Saying that many of his fans have been asking about the lawsuit and the subsequent news coverage, Saintgnue took to social media to explain his side of the story.

“I found myself in an unfortunate situation,” he says, “where the 1 OAK nightclub in Vegas/ The Mirage attempted to shake me down, and obtain more money for services not wanted or requested.”

Saintgnue's lawyer says employees tried to pimp him out to a wealthy VIP and then beat him up when he refused to pay a bogus bill for a party.

The incident took place as Saintgnue was celebrating his 21st birthday with his family and a few friends in Las Vegas in June of 2014.

Nightclub employees allegedly approached Saintgnue and asked him to visit a private party in the 1 OAK VIP section. After a few moments in the VIP section, he left to rejoin his friends. That’s when things get hinky according to the lawsuit.

"As he left the VIP section, it quickly became obvious that this was no mere invitation without strings as plaintiff understood, but rather, plaintiff was apparently expected to remain with the party for the balance of the evening, and possibly thereafter." - Saintgnue Lawsuit

“I was really taken aback by the whole situation,” Saintgnue says now, “because I was trying (to) enjoy a 21st birthday gift from my biological family. So, when the 1 Oak club presented me this exorbitant table service upgrade offer, I tried very hard to reason with the 1 Oak staff and understand what was happening.”

His lawyer says the actor was approached by club employees and told he would have to pay hundreds of dollars for VIP service he had not requested. “I have provided my legal team documentation that supports payment was already made for the original table service,” Saintgnue explains.

He was then escorted into a back hallway where security personnel from the Mirage casino restrained him. “It became clear to me, that this was becoming a shakedown and, to my detriment, I ended up unlawfully detained (handcuffed), beaten, humiliated, isolated from my family and friends, and then thrown out of The Mirage.”

Surveillance footage shows part of the exchange. As Saintgnue tried to shoot a cellphone video, security officers slammed him against a wall and tackled him to the ground.

As to why he believes he was targeted, Saintgnue says it might have been his roles on Teen Wolf and other high profile shows. “I think this started because they found out I was on a TV series and they thought they could get more money out of me.”

Saintgnue says Teen Wolf fans have been overwhelmingly supportive of him throughout the ordeal and the publicity that followed. “I hate that this happened but I hope justice will be served."


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