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In my last post I told you about my progression throughout the last year as an this post I want to teach you you how to create your own SFX burn makeup.. That's right a burn victim :)))) I have never attempted burn makeup before this and I LOVE how it turned out so before I start teaching here is the finished result

I LOVE IT!! Ok so.. What you will need

1. Liquid latex or liquid school glue (latex works better but school glue is latex based so it will work)

2. Cotton balls

3. Black eyeshadow and lipstick

4.either red lipstick or red eyeshadow (I used eyeshadow)

5.brushes & wedge makeup sponges

ok so the first thing you are gonna need to do is figure out where you want the burns..I chose my face cause ..duh.... Then you take cotton balls and rip them into small chunks like so

Then you take a wedge sponge and apply a thin layer of latex to your desired area then stick a piece of cotton to it and cover that with latex until it's completely soaked and matted down like dis

Create the entire portion of where you want the burn smoothing out the edges with your finger ..then you rip little holes in the latex n cotton build up ..then cover that in a dark brown eyeshadow a little darker then your skin and then the liquid foundation that you normally use

Then put black lipstick and eyeshadow on your cotton n latex and smooth it out. This process is more just making as much of it black as you possibly can...then smooth out the edges so the black smooths out into your skin instead of it just being a harsh line

Then put red eyeshadow in the holes you ripped in the cotton/latex earlier

Then I didn't think it was black enough so I added more ..then add scan blood..or any fake blood that you have..scab blood works best cause it's chunky.. And if you get burnt this bad your bloods not gonna exactly flow out smoothly

Then just complete your face of burn marks and your done :p

I hope you guys liked it :D if you did follow me on my other social media accounts

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