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I'm so excited to tell you guys that the new trailer for Teen Wolf season 5B was released today at New York Comic Con!

I definitely can't handle my excitement! During NYCC, MTV released the first official trailer for season 5B, which will premiere on Jan. 5 (9/8c).

The trailer makes it seem like this season will definitely be a lot darker than any of the other seasons. The trailer features blood, wreckage, banshee screams, a little bit of love, and a lot of fighting, as usual. It also features Stiles tackling Scott to the floor! This definitely can't be the end of their bromance!

What has people going nuts is that Papa Argent will be returning this season! That's right the bad*** himself is finally returning. That does raise questions though, like where is Kate Argent? Did they find her? I guess we will find out next season.

Even though people are freaking out over Papa Argent returning, I don't know if anyone noticed that Deucalion, the blind werewolf that raised hell in season 3, is also in the trailer. Is it possible that Scott is recruiting him to fight off whatever the Dread Doctors released or is he the thing the Dread Doctors released? Below is the trailer, see what you can get out of it.


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