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Hey yall im Avijoy Biswas from the vast country of India. If i had a dinner party i would invite (p.s. my birthday party cause my birthday is coming up , this november) :


Well sorry for no pic but seriously star lord would just be the best guest ever ! Awesome dance moves , hysterical sense of humor and can kill off if any aliens attack.

2. Po (kung fu panda)

Wouldnt the dragon master be just perfect for a party? Not only will he lighten up the mood , he can even cook noodles ! Po would be amazing for a party and can even help no. 3 with the fo

3. Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

Now i know that he is a serial killer and what would be the point of asking him to assist po as the chef. But its good to have a killer at hand (dont ask why) and he is used to cutting meat so he can cook the non veg. (P.s. dont ask if its chicken or human wings)

4. The doctor (11th doctor from doctor who)

Well , well , well .. The doctor and possibly amy pond along with rory williams arent they like the best trio ever? I feel that this child in the saviour of the universes body will be perfect for a party , he has his own crazy 'drunk girrafe' dance move and EVERYONE likes his bow tie (bow ties are cool).

5. Jim parson

Now wouldnt sheldon cooper be a super fun guy to hang around with? I feel that it would just be extremely awesome to have jim in a party

And thats my list guys i hope yall liked it :)


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