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When it comes to acting, there is always that one character that an actor can pull off every single time. Is it the hero or the villain? It seems rather rare that an actor can pull off a villain role if they are known for their hero roles and vice versa. One of the most famous actors known for his roles as a hero character is Heath Ledger and how he managed to successfully pull off playing The Joker for The Dark Knight. However, this isn’t about the amazing performance of Heath Ledger, this is about Jason Isaacs and how he generally tends to play the villain in the majority of the movies he is known for.

The most well-known character he has played on the villain side is Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise. He is also known for playing a Captain in the British Army for the film The Patriot alongside Mel Gibson. The third film that he’s pretty well known for playing a villain is the 2003 film adaptation of Peter Pan, where he portrayed Captain Hook. Mr. Isaacs has this aura about him that allows him have that cold, calculated attitude for his villain characters.

The first movie I saw Mr. Isaacs in was The Patriot. I was astounded at how cold the character really was. There was no remorse on his face in some of the scenes. I believe that a lot of his calculated looks have to do with the way his eyes are. Eyes are a portal to everyone’s true feelings and I believe that Mr. Isaacs knows how to turn that off when he’s playing his villains. His eyes being a silvery blue color coupled with his strong facial features kept that stony, heartless look for his characters. Even though his characters change, that calculated look is still the same and will always be the same.

Watching Jason Isaacs in Peter Pan was quite interesting because not only did he play Captain Hook, but he also played Mr. Darling. The difference between the two characters is huge because Mr. Darling is a strict father compared to the calculated, clumsy attitude of Captain Hook. But when you compare his two characters in Peter Pan to his character in Harry Potter it almost seems as if he managed to combine the two personalities of the Peter Pan characters to form Lucius Malfoy. I only theorize this because when we are first introduced to Lucius in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets he’s harsh, insensitive, and put together; however, when his character returns in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and onward the characteristics of clumsy Captain Hook shine through a bit.

Now, a lot of this could just be because Lucius is highly intimidated and highly afraid of Lord Voldemort, which is rather evident in the beginning of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One when Voldemort takes his wand from him, but at the same time I noticed that sliver of Captain Hook shine through a bit because Lucius is initially a blond Captain Hook. He’s a coward deep down just like Captain Hook.

All in all, I love Jason Isaacs as an actor and I truly believe that he’s one of the best actors to play a villain. Again, a lot of that involves the experience he has at playing the villain, but at the same time it also involves the natural talent he has at playing a villain the majority of his roles that I’ve known him to play.


What are your thoughts on Jason Isaacs being a villain extraordinaire?


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