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One of the things that truly makes a great movie, is the leading actor behind it. Many actors leading the film have delivered such tremendous performances, it's hard to guess who will win, or even get nominated for that matter. There seem to be some tough contenders this year as well. But there can be only one. Here are the (predicted) nominees for Best Actor in a Leading Role.

Samuel L. Jackson: The Hateful Eight

Jackson has always had large presence in Tarantino's films, I was not surprised at all to hear him being cast in this movie. Samuel is a terrific actor, and has been terrific in all of his movies, especially Tarantino's films. I have no doubt he'll do a fantastic job, and will be a shoe-in to get nominated.

Andrew Garfield: 99 Homes

While 99 Homes wasn't on my list to get nominated for Best Picture, I feel this could be Garfield's first nomination as Best Actor. He was amazing in The Social Network, So I know what he's capable of acting wise. This movie is getting large praise for it's powerful acting from leading mean Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon, so I feel a nomination heading in Andrew's direction.

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio, is one of the best actors of all time. He's been in so many incredible films, delivering such magnificent performances, he's such a gem to acting business. His role in The Revenant, appears to be no different, seeming to be one of his best if not the best.

Michael Fassbender: Steve Jobs

This is an entry, for how much praise it's getting right now. Which we all know is due to Michael Fassbender's performance. I mean, I'm pretty certain it's better than that Ashton Kutcher movie. Michael is known for giving powerhouse performances, so this is a pretty obvious choice.

Tom Hanks: Bridge of Spies

Another movie that wasn't on my Best Picture nominations. Tom Hanks in [Bridge of Spies](tag:1402817) is most definitely going to get nominated for Best Actor. Tom Hanks is no stranger to this game, so it's only natural to see him up on that nominations list.

So ladies and gentleman, the Oscar goes to:

Leonardo DiCaprio

No, I did not just put Leo cause of the whole internet craze about him never winning an Oscar. He really has the biggest shot in my opinion. Nevertheless, these are all great actors, and I have no doubt they will give amazing performances. It's really anyone's game.

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