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If you haven't seen this season's Premiere of the Flash and don't like Spoilers stop reading now and walk away since this article is going to have them in Spades. Everyone Else follow me:

What is with the above photo you may be wondering and I can't blame you because I felt the same way before I saw the whole episode this week. We'll come back to the photo in a bit, but first let's re-cap:

As we all know the Flash was in a pretty hairy situation during the end of the show's Finale last Season. So when we come back everything looks somewhat normal (at least for Central City), but of course it's not as we soon find out that Barry did in fact stop the Singularity as it is being called, but not without help. We find out through Flashback that Ronnie and Professor Stein became Firestorm and then separated inside the vortex causing the Singularity to close. Barry was able to save Professor Stein, but wasn't able to save Ronnie Apparently (more on that statement shortly). After that Barry pushed everyone away feeling responsible for Ronnie's possible death.

It is now a year later and the city is having a Flash Appreciation Day, which Barry isn't too keen on attending, but with a little push from Iris he ends up making an Appearance anyway and is attacked by Atom Smasher (WWE'S Adam Copeland/Edge) for his trouble. The interesting part in all this is that Barry and Iris's Dad, Officer Joe West, just took Adam's Corpse to the Morgue the previous day. We find out here that Atom Smasher absorbs energy in order to grow and get stronger. After he is almost killed by Atom Smasher Barry finally accepts help from his friends and stops him. He is given a new suit at some point during this that has the same white background under the symbol that the costume in the newspaper from the future had, leading me to believe that they may end up doing the Crisis Storyline from the Comics (or a version thereof).

Back to the above photo, It seems that Harrison Wells had left a living will for Barry in case he died. This is given to Barry by Wells Attorney and He & Kaitlin Snow watch it together in shock as Harrison confesses to Barry's Mother's Murder all those years ago. It is then given to the D.A. who has the charges dropped against Barry's Dad, thus the photo above which shows part of the homecoming scene in the show. Barry' of course, wants his dad to get a place with him. However, his Dad had plans of his own which don't include staying in Central City. He does tell Barry that he will be there if he is ever needed, all he has to do is ask (Thus, for those who don't know, the Original TV Flash from the 1990's Show passes the torch to the current one).

Back to Atom Smasher, as he is knocked out/killed (hard to say since Adam Copeland is a regular on another show called Haven), Barry asks him why was he trying to kill him? To which he is told that Zoom promised him that if he killed himself (in this world) and killed the flash that Zoom would send him home.

Of Course when he goes to tell everyone else this news he is told that all the security and everything else in Star Labs has been upgraded so they nobody will just come walking in anymore. No Sooner is he told this then Someone walks in asking for Barry. Naturally everyone is caught off-guard and are on high alert asking who this person is to which they are told he is Jay Garrick and their world is in Danger (For those who don't know Jay Garrick is the Original Flash in the Comics, much as John Wesley Shipp (Barry's Dad on this show) was the original TV Flash). Jay is from another Earth in the comics and so I am guessing he will be on the show as well.

This is good news and bad news, it is good because it means that Ronnie may be alive on that other world (though I doubt it since Professor Stein and another young man are Firestorm in the Legends of Tomorrow show & I am guessing he is that world's version of Ronnie Raymond), as well as could Eddie. However it is bad because it could mean that the Reverse Flash is alive as well. The interesting part in all this to me is trying to figure out how they are going to have Danielle Panabaker play Kaitlin (they can have her play against herself from the other Earth: one Killer Frost, the other Kaitlin Snow) or they can have her turn into Killer Frost after she finds out Ronnie is indeed dead (possibly after Iris and the other world's eddie get together). As you can see it makes for all kinds of possibilities, but it may turn off a lot of viewers since the show could theoretically go on forever with different actors taking over for the current ones and then returning later on as older versions of themselves or even as other people.

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