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With the wheels of Game of ThronesSeason 6 beginning to turn, it looks like we will be seeing a few serious deaths, the question now is, who? Here's the top ten on my list of people who're most likely to die:

10. Roose Bolton

One that would certainly make us all happy. We have been calling for Roose's head since he stabbed Robb Stark in the heart, and now it could be the season that it actually happens!

Now that Sansa has escaped, it is now possible that she could gather the Northern Lords that are still loyal to the Starks, and could make an attack on the Boltons, which would more than likely end with Bolton banners burning (as Melisandre predicted in Season 5).

9. Podrick Payne

The next one would certainly not impress us. He has served both Tyrion Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, and is considered to be one of the nicer fellas in Westeros, but that does not make him immortal.

After missing Sansa's candle at the end of Season 5, it will be more than likely that they find Sansa running away from Winterfell, and with that, the Boltons will hunt her down. It is completely possible that Podrick would have to make the ultimate sacrifice for Brienne.

8. Olly

This one is very likely, but only if Jon Snow comes back! After putting the final blade into Jon Snow, most fans have been calling for his death for months.

Those faithful to the Lord of Light states that people who are resurrected often have changed personalities, which means that Jon Snow would not feel any sympathy for him, and could behead him for his treason.

However, if Jon does not come back, then the likes of Edd and Davos may not feel they need to execute a child, and Olly may just survive Season 6.

7. Theon Greyjoy

We have been hating Theon for a few season now, but at the end of Season 5, we rooted for Theon to save Sansa—which he did, but at what cost? The reason he is on the list is simply because of what happened at the end of Season 5, he and Sansa both jumped from atop the walls of Winterfell, and from my was a seriously long fall.

So, Theon would either have to die at the bottom of the Winterfell walls, or (more likely), he's injured, and would have to stay behind to distract the Boltons; meaning he would have to sacrifice himself to save Sansa. Which would redeem his character in the end.

6. Ellaria Sand

A woman who we believe to have a death wish based on her actions throughout Season 5 already. After poisoning Myrcella Baratheon, it's inevitable that Jaime had the boat turn around. Duran will most certainly be able to guess who did this act of murder, and he will inevitably behead her after his warning at the end of Season 5.

5. Loras Tyrell

Probably the one that we least care about on this list, but an important character in the story nonetheless. After being thrown in jail for certain relations with his squire, the High Sparrow will conduct a trial for Tyrell's actions. It is more than likely that he will be found guilty and could be executed near the end of Season 6.

4. Jorah Mormont

An inevitable one, but one we don't want to see happen. After being infected with Greyscale, it's possible that the infection will spread to his internal organs by the end of Season 6, then there will be no chance of his survival. Hopefully, he will be able to mend things with Dany before he dies.

Another way he could die is by sacrificing himself to save Dany, as he knows he is dying either way—which would be very poetic, however, Game of Thrones is many things, except poetic.

3. Ramsey Bolton

A character that we all despise, this one that would certainly make us all happy! We have been calling for Ramsey's head since he started torturing Theon Greyjoy, and now it could finally be the season that it actually happens. Now that Sansa has escaped, it's possible that she could gather the Northern Lords that are still loyal to the Starks.

The Northern Lords could then make an attack on the Boltons, which would more than likely end with Bolton banners burning (as Melisandre predicted in Season 5). But what makes Ramsey much more likely than Roose? Ramsey could conduct a search for Sansa and Theon, making him more exposed to the Northern Lords.

2. Tommen Baratheon

This could all end very badly for Cersei Lannister, King Tommen has proved throughout Season 5 that he is an incredibly weak King, and with the High Sparrow continuing to discover secrets inside the Lannister family, Tommen could be thrown onto the streets to face the public, which would not end well.

Another way could be that he makes a stupid decision, such as attacking the High Sparrow with an already weak Lannister army. This would not only get him killed almost immediately, but it would sum up his poor reign as King.

1. Alliser Thorne

This one is a guarantee! After the events of Season 5, Episode 10, Alliser Thorne immediately turns into a traitor of the Nights Watch, and has always been an unpopular character on the show, with fans now virtually screaming for his death at the start of Season 6.

If Jon Snow comes back from the dead in any sort of way, then he will certainly behead Alliser for breaking his vows to the Nights Watch by killing a brother. Even if Jon doesn't come back, then the likes of Edd and Davos would probably rally the Wildings behind them to kill the traitors.

If Alliser Thorne makes it out of Season 6 alive, then it is well and truly one of the most unpredictable shows of all time!


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