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Is Scott going to be a full Wolf this season? We'll see. Malia might help after Theo helps her.

What is that? New Creature?

Argent is back! he teams up with Scott!

Will Lydia find out what Theo wants?

Parrish has a huge part this season.

Colton Haynes might return after episode 16? Looks badass.

Dr. Alan Deaton where are u?

Scott will be Badass!

The Oni('s) is/are back? Looks awesome. Kira kicking ass.

Will we see Aiden? For the last time?

Scott will get into full Alpha style? Or maybe not?

Kate is back? We know it ain't Allison. But it might be Gerard.

The Dread Doctors will kick some ass.

Episode 11:
  • Malia and Braeden will fight/find the Desert Wolf. Or at least something.
  • Scott and Stiles will have a huge fight.
  • Scott won't forgive Stiles easily.
  • But... Scott and Stiles have to fight for Stilinski's life.
  • Theo and Scott will have a talk.

Episode 12:

  • Kira will be back.
  • We'll see Lydia in Eichen House and a new creature.
  • Scott and Liam won't reunite yet.
  • Parrish will find something out of himself.

Episode 13:

  • Kira will kick some ass.
  • The start of a Badass True Alpha.
  • Scott and Stiles will talk.
  • Chris Argent will be in it (It might be his return, or his return is in episode 12)

Episode 14:

  • Malia and Braeden will fight the Desert wolf.
  • Lydia will find something out.
  • We'll see a huge fight.

Episode 15:

  • Liam will have a huge fight scene.
  • The pack will try to break Lydia out of Eichen House.
  • Lydia is the last 1 they need in the pack.

Episode 16:

  • Lydia will get out of Eichen House.
  • Parrish will have a fight scene.
  • We'll get to see if Dr. Valack is a good guy or bad guy.

Episode 17:

  • 1 hell of a fight will be in it.

Episode 18,19 and 20:

  • We don't know yet.


  • Deucalion will be back, but the episode is unknown, Episode 11,12,13 or 14. And he will have a talk with Theo. Maybe turn Theo into a real werewolf.
  • Theo wants to be a real werewolf.
  • Scott will forgive Liam, but not really soon.
  • The season will be more funny and mature.
  • We'll get to see Stiles fighting crime like his dad against bad creatures.
  • Brett, Hayden, Mason, Corey, Josh, Tracy, Etc will also be back.


  • Derek might return in the last episode, but also he might not return this season.
  • Theo will become a good guy.
  • Jackson returns in episode 15,16 or 17.
  • Jeff tries to get back Ethan.
  • Allison will be in a dream or hallucionation.
  • Past villains (Deucalion, Theo and someone else (Probably Jackson) won't be the villains again.
  • We get to see the Ghost riders in the latest episodes.
  • The Oni's, The Dread Doctors, Ghost Riders, La Bete and Kate will be the villains.

Doesn't it look awesome!

I already need to see the first 5 min of the winter premiere, like Pretty Little Liars did. But we probably will get a new promo in November and the full trailer of every episode except the last one in December.

Teen Wolf returns Tuesday January 5, 2016 at 9pm.

1 hour after Pretty Little Liars, only Pretty Little Liars premieres Tuesday January 12, 2016. But it looks awesome.

Teen Wolf 5B has a 3B vibe, but it's more mature and more action. But not as dark as 5A but still dark and sexy.

Also Brett Talbot will be back again :).

"La Bete" looks strong.

Shit Sciles fight.

Scott.... Heal!!!


Deucalion omg talking to Theo, looking like something new.

Argent...Yes Baby!!


Maybe it isn't true, but i heard and saw on Imdb that Arrow doesn't has a mid-season break? Neither does The Flash! Is this to keep up with DC Legend of Tomorrow?

Arrow had a good premiere. Mr. Terrific still has to join, (Rumored in episode 03). Anarky will be in the second episode. Who will die?

Theory of mine:

  • Felicity? No, because then Oliver won't even be at the funeral and go after Darhk. And Barry wouldn't miss the funeral and be like that.
  • Diggle? He has a daughter and just has a costume. So No.
  • Thea? Why would they do that? She just became Speedy and the side effects will make you think that way, but she can't die yet.
  • Laurel? No, Because she's still an interesting character.
  • Lance? Maybe, but then we have to see some episode(s) first to see how Lance and Oliver become friends, but then why isn't Laurel there?
  • Roy? He died and came back and the actor said we'll get more of Roy, so no.
  • Oliver's son? It might be right, but then again we'll have to wait.

So literraly i don't know yet, but my guess is on Lance or Oliver's son.

But then again. What if Felicity dies without the body? And they have a funeral but they know she isn't dead? But then again. If Felicity isn't dead, and they know it, why be at the funeral?

The Flash.

  • We'll get to see Grodd again.
  • Barry will be stronger because of Jay Garrick.

Legend's of Tomorrow!

Will they premiere on a Thursday at 8pm January 14? (Rumored)

Spider-Man: (Civil War)

We'll get to see a trailer November fifth. of Civil War.

Spider-Man will get more people to the cast in December 2015/January/February 2016


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