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DC returned to the CW this week with another helping of our favourite green and red heroes, and both season openers were amazing! They also left us with a lot of questions about the upcoming seasons. Let's look at a few of them! By the way, MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR ARROW AND FLASH BELOW! IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THIS WEEK'S EPISODES THEN DON'T READ!

Gotcha back Jack!
Gotcha back Jack!

The Flash!

After the epic ending to season one, we had a lot of expectation coming up to the season 2 premiere, but it still managed to match it! Life is going pretty well for Barry, what with a holiday named after the Flash, and his dad getting out of prison due to Wells' last video message. However, there are still a lot of foreshadowing events to the dangers ahead for Barry and the team. Obviously the death of Ronnie and Eddie are still affecting the team, and we can be fairly certain now that Franz Drameh's role in Legends of Tomorrow will be to somehow join with Dr Stein to recreate the firestorm matrix. However, aside from that, there is all of the timeline manipulation and universe swapping to worry about.

Jay Garrick!

Obviously the ending of the episode took us straight from the happy stage to the darkness, and it did it using Jay Garrick. For those of you who don't know, Garrick is the Flash of Earth-two.

In short, he has come from an alternate universe where he is the Flash. What does this mean? Danger, probably. I'm thinking that Zoom could be the Reverse-Flash of Garrick's world, and that may also be where Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) comes from. Last season involved time travel, this season it's all about universe jumping. The speed force is definitely going to come into play, as Garrick has been Flash a long time, and will be able to teach Barry more about it. Of course it does seem like we have already seen a second person jump the gap between universes.

Atom Smasher!

Atom Smasher, while not the most impressive villain we have seen on Flash, was still intriguing, as he was sent by Zoom (from their universe, presumably) to kill Barry. One thing we have seen in both Arrow and Flash season openers is a clear indication towards the main villain for the season. Flash is going to be defined by it's speedsters this year. But enough about villains and new characters, let's have a look at how the characters we already know and love are about to expand.


Cisco continued to research his newfound abilities in the season opener, and I can imagine we may be seeing him suit up in the near future. Much like Arrow, Flash season one was focused on Barry in his suit and it built a team around him, however, like Arrow in seasons two and three, the team around him has begun to get powers and suits as well. Cisco naming himself may be one of the highlights of this season. But he's not the only one about to get powers.


Uh oh. We've known this was coming for a while now, and Caitlyn's mood since Ronnie's death is an even bigger push towards her role as Killer Frost. In the comics, Frost is a Firestorm villain, and I can imagine that she may be somehow driven over the edge by Jay Jackson reforming the matrix with Martin Stein. The biggest question is, of course, how does she get powers? Surely someone would have noticed by now if she too was affected by the particle accelerator? Of course... there is another option. The picture above doesn't look like the Caitlyn we all know and love... what if it isn't? What if the above picture is of a Caitlyn from Earth-2? She could be sent over by Zoom to confuse team Flash because in their reality Caitlyn Snow was given powers by something. This is a kind of exciting possibility, as it means our Caitlyn won't go evil, but could it really happen? We will have to wait and see. In the meantime, let's move on!


Arrow came back in a strong way, with a whole new theme to it. The effects of what Oliver did to defeat Ra's Al Ghul still resonate, but importantly Oliver is finding a way to be a hero, instead of a vigilante. No-one had to die to get him to come back, which is more than I expected, and the season opener held a lot of other surprises.

Damien Darhk!

This was a very interesting idea in my opinion, and potentially a stroke of genius. Arrow has a long history of spending the first five or six episodes of a season with barely a mention of the main villain. But in the season 4 opener they threw a fight between Oliver and Damien Darhk right in to kick us off. Having Darhk's plan to destroy the city take such massive leaps in the opener really leaves us wondering how this story arc will take a whole season to tell. However I think it is a bold and exciting move, and I love the fact that we are going to see the show take a turn for the happy side. Apart from that, and the fact that Thea is getting a little worse, and Diggle has a mask (but no name yet) the main part of the season opener that has me intrigued, and terrified, is the ending!

This picture was posted a couple of weeks ago by both Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell. At the end of the Arrow season opener we saw Oliver standing over a grave and Barry zoomed in to join him in his grief. The question we will be asking for months now is... who died? There are many possibilities on Arrow, but the real question is: Who is important enough to Barry for him to come visit during what must be a vital time in the fight against Zoom? Well, there are still some possibilities.


Well this is the most obvious choice, but does that make it the most unlikely or the most likely? Barry is close enough to Felicity to warrant a visit no matter what he is facing at home, but can we really see this happier version of Arrow continue into season 5 if the love of Oliver's life is killed off? Maybe the writers want to bring us back around to the comics and put Oliver with Laurel (see below), but I think it may have gone too far for that now, and the Olicity fangirls will destroy the CW if they kill her.


I could see the after effects of the Lazarus Pit slowly becoming more apparent in Thea as the season goes on, and then it ending in tragedy for her. Oliver's sister dying would warrant a visit from Barry out of respect for Oliver, but would they really get rid of two sidekicks in as many seasons?


If the writers want to really stab us in the heart then this is the way to go. Watch all season as Diggle and Oliver slowly repair their relationship, and then just when they finally get back to being best friends, kill Diggle. As he has an adorable kid at home this would again be a darker path for the show to take, and I can't imagine them doing it, but who can they kill off and keep the show happy? This is the stunning question we are left with after this week in the Flarrowverse.

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Who do you think will die?


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