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The Flash movie is not scheduled to release until March 3, 2018; however, it is expected that we will see him in a DC Extended Universe movie prior to that standalone project. Possibly as soon as the much anticipated Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie which releases in March of 2016 and definitely in the Justice League Part 1 movie which releases November of 2017. So fairly soon we could be getting our first look of the movie version of heroic speedster which will be played by the enthusiastic actor Ezra Miller.

Ezra Miller is the new Flash

As mentioned in the above interview Ezra is not the only Flash zipping around. Grant Gustin plays the character on the very successful and popular TV show on the CW network. Fans of the TV show would say Ezra has a lot to live up to considering how beloved Grant Gustin's version of the Flash is. But as you see in the interview above Ezra seems to humorously embrace the idea of there being two different Flash characters in parallel universes and in this case two different Flash characters in Hollywood. I personally think Ezra is a great actor and an excellent choice to play the movie version of the Flash. I really can't wait to see him act out the part and equally cannot wait to see what the movie version of the costume will look like. You would think that the movie costume would be different than the TV costume so not to confuse fans. A recent report by Den of Geek seems to suggest just that.

Understandably, they're seeking to avoid "any comparison to the well designed and received TV version," we're told. To ring the changes, they're aiming to create a more "tech-based" suit that will look quite different from the burgundy leather outfit designed by Colleen Atwood for the series. Instead, this one will look more "like armor."
When it comes to The Flash's movie costume, a comparison has been made to the version of the hero seen in the videogame Injustice: Gods Among Us.

This is very exciting news if it turns out to be true. The Flash has several different looks in the popular video game.

Original Injustice Flash

Alternate Injustice Flash

Earth 2 Injustice Flash

Any adaptation of these Injustice Flash costumes would definitely not be confused with the Flash costume from the CW TV series.

Grant Gustin Flash

We definitely will get a different Flash if these rumors are true. I personally like the the Earth 2 look. But I'm curious to know what Injustice costume would you prefer to see in the DC Extended Universe. Or would you prefer the DC Extended Universe Flash to have a more classic look? Please share your thoughts below.


What Flash Injustice costume would you prefer to see in the DC Extended Universe?


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