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Last night at the Agents of Primetime panel which took place at New York Comic-Con, Jeph Loeb dropped some casting news for Agent Carter. Obviously Peggy and Jarvis will be returning to Season 2. Let's take a look at who else is returning for Season 2.

Dominic Cooper

Bridget Regan

Enver Gjokaj

Chad Michael Murray

While we are glad that a bunch of our favorites are coming back, let's take a look at the new cast members.

Wynn Everett

Wynn Everett will be playing the villain Madame Masque from the comics who is also an actress named Whitney Frost.

Lotte Verbeek

Lotte Verbeek will be playing the long awaited Ana Jarvis, wife of Edwin Jarvis.

Currie Graham

Currie Graham will be playing Whitney’s husband, Calvin. Not much other information is known.

Reggie Austin

Reggie Austin will play a potential love interest for Peggy as a “quirky yet charismatic” scientist.


Are you excitied for Agent Carter Season 2?

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